United Way of Orange County, TX

United Way of Orange County, TX
1506 W. Park Avenue
Orange, TX 77630



Our mission is to improve people’s lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community. United Way supports organizations that provide a wide range of vital social services. Giving through United Way is an easy and convenient way to support many good causes throughout the year.


Being a supporter of UNITED WAY allows local contributions to go farther in the community helping thousands of individuals of all ages.

No one can tell you what to give.  the amount of your contribution is up to you.  We do ask that you consider pledging one day’s pay over the course of a year to help your neighbors in Orange County receive the valuable services they need.


Your donation to Building a Community goes to Orange County residents through programs provided by pre-qualified partner agencies.

HEALTH programs help people access affordable quality health care, both physical and mental, and to make healthy choices.

EDUCATION programs help youth and young adults prepare for and stay in school, make better grades, graduate from high school, and attend higher education.

INCOME programs help families and individuals live within their means, become self sufficient, earn a livable wage, and save money.

Number of Employees: 
5 or less employees

Address information

1506 W. Park Avenue
Orange, TX 77630