United Way Monterey County

United Way Monterey County


We fight for the Financial Stability of families in Monterey County.

Engage the community and focus resources to improve lives in Monterey County.

Vision of the Future
Concerned and caring people together building a healthy, secure community.

Core Values
These core values guide the work of United Way Monterey County.

We participate in solving problems facing our communities in Monterey County by mobilizing resources for collective action. We provide leadership to protect our community's human services. We are focused, innovative, bold and courageous.

We are responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us. Our actions are honest and open in every regard. We respect the trust of our customers (donors, partners, volunteers, staff, and the community). We practice accountability, transparency, discipline and responsibility.

We are responsible to the needs of our communities. We react with flexibility and nimbleness. We are community-driven in all of our work.

We foster an environment of trust and respect for all individuals and points of view. We value the rich diversity of our county and strive to ensure that all our actions are inclusive.

We are focused on achieving the highest standards of organizational excellence. We work to exceed our customers' (donors, partners, volunteers and the communities) expectations. We focus our efforts on providing the most cost-effective return on investment of our human and financial resources.

Advance the common good through our commitment to four priority areas: Education, Financial Stability, Health and Basic Needs

Number of Employees: 
16-25 employees

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