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United Way of Larimer County is committed to reducing poverty in our community by helping local children and families succeed in school, work, and life.

We’re building a movement to drive long-term, systemic change in Larimer County in three key ways:

1. Uniting People and Organizations 
Our community is full of people like you with a passion to help others and make things better. United Way brings together people and organizations from across Larimer County, including nonprofits, schools, businesses, government, community leaders, volunteers, and donors, to address problems like poverty in a collective way using the Collective Impact model. Together, we’re aligning scarce resources, sharpening strategies, and creating results that work better for everyone, especially kids and families in need. 

2. Helping children and families succeed 
Every year, thousands of our Larimer County neighbors benefit from United Way’s innovative partnerships, including Be Ready, Kids on Track, and Working Families Thrive, and our life-changing programs, like 2-1-1Colorado Reading Corps and WomenGive. Together, we’re helping local children succeed in school, supporting families to become financially stable and self-sufficient, connecting people with food and shelter, and much more. By looking at the whole picture and addressing underlying causes, we are helping more of our neighbors create a future filled with promise and opportunity. 

3. Empowering people to act 
In Larimer County, we don’t sit on the sidelines while our fellow community members struggle. That’s why thousands of donors, advocates and volunteers have already joined our movement to change lives and strengthen our community, and we’re growing stronger every day. There is something for everyone, including opportunities to donatevolunteer, or spread the word. Your support of United Way is an easy, reliable, and strategic way to make a difference, not just today but for generations to come. No matter how big or small – your support makes a difference. 

Our Mission

To cultivate and mobilize community resources to change and save lives.

Our Vision

We lead the community to meet the needs of those in need.

Number of Employees: 
25-50 employees
What is Collective Impact?
Collective Impact is the philosophy of community change that we use to drive our work here at United Way of Larimer County. Read more about Collective Impact on our website here: https://uwaylc.org/Collective-Impact
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