United Way of Denton County

United Way of Denton County


What is United Way of Denton County?

We are a locally-governed, autonomous, 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization that was founded in 1951. United Way of Denton County is a powerful movement of volunteers and donors in our community striving to make a difference. Across Denton County, a diverse range of passionate and compassionate people LIVE UNITED to serve those in need across our Denton County.

Our mission is to improve lives in Denton County.

Our vision is to create and sustain relationships that identify and leverage community resources that help children, families, veterans, people experiencing homelessness, and people affected by mental illness - making Denton County the best place to live and work.

How we help: we Listen, Collaborate and Succeed:

  1. Assess our community's needs
  2. Unite people to make change that lasts
  3. Create and implement new and collective solutions
  4. Measure results
Number of Employees: 
6-15 employees
Gary Henderson
President & CEO