Souris Valley United Way

Souris Valley United Way


Souris Valley United Way Mission

We mobilize people, organizations and resources in an impactful effort to advance Education, Financial Stability, and Health while addressing basic human needs.

Our Goals

Every year, local agencies apply for partnership with Souris Valley United Way and undergo extensive interviews conducted by a team of local volunteers.

Agencies that meet our guidelines are granted a portion of the funds raised during our annual United Way campaign.

Food, shelter, health and wellness, dignity, self-worth, independence, companionship - these are just some of the needs that we help meet in our communit

Number of Employees: 
5 or less employees
Executive Director Position
Staff of 3 people including: Executive Director Administrative Assistant Campaign Coordinator Benefits include: 100% Single Health Coverage / Vacation / Sick / IRA
What is the process once I have applied?
Interviews will be conducted in February. Possible 2nd interviews will follow. The position may start from May 01 to June 01. Current ED will train from June 01 - July 31.
Executive Director

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