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Chief Financial Officer

Tyler, Texas

Relocation expenses: Negotiated

C-Suite/Vice President
Full time
3 - 5 years of experience
Bachelor's Degree

Published on 30 Oct 2019

Expires on 30 Oct 2019

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Chief Financial Officer


United Way of Smith County has served the needs of local residents and nonprofits since 1940. Beginning as the Community Chest, United Way of Smith County has a rich history of local community leaders successfully guiding the organization, meeting local human needs and keeping workplace philanthropy strong. Throughout 79 years of service to citizens of Smith County, our vision has remained constant: To be the leader in engaging donors and empowering service providers to meet the needs of our communities. We accomplish this through our regional 2-1-1 East Texas Helpline, the East Texas Center for Nonprofits, and our annual workplace giving campaign. The United Way of Smith County Board of Directors adopted four core impact areas: education, financial stability, health and wellness, and crisis intervention. By focusing on these four areas, we are better able to help people move from dependence to independence. 

United Way of Smith County identifies critical needs, strengthens local nonprofits through professional development and capacity building, oversees the use of donor dollars, connects people and services, and unifies nonprofits and the community around helping others. Thousands of unique donors contribute an average of $4.80 each week, culminating in 80% of the funds raised each year. These donations support over 30 different programs and services that help over 60,000 people each year. Without these workplace philanthropists, many local nonprofits would suffer financial voids resulting in reduced or lost services.

United Way of Smith County is connecting people with services, strengthening our nonprofit agencies to meet ever increasing needs, and providing people who care a place to give.

In 2018, United Way of Smith County moved in to their new headquarters, the newly restored, historic Woman's Building in Tyler. The building was deeded to United Way of Smith County in August of 2016. After months of renovation, the building now houses our local United Way, the East Texas Center for Nonprofits, the 211 East Texas Area Information and Referral Center, and spaces for community meetings and events.

●    Mission-Focused: Catalyze others’ commitment to mission to create real social change that leads to better lives and healthier communities.  This drives their performance and professional motivations.
●    Relationship-Oriented: Understands that people come before process and is astute in cultivating and managing relationships toward a common goal.
●    Collaborator: understands the roles and contributions of all sectors of the community and can mobilize resources (financial and human) through meaningful engagement.
●    Results-Driven: Dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the common good; creating, resourcing, scaling, and leveraging strategies and innovations for broad investment and impact.
●    Brand Steward: Steward of the brand and understands his/her role in growing and protecting the reputation and results of the greater network.