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Regional Childcare Planning Coordinator

United Way of the Lakeshore
Muskegon, MI

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Full time
3 - 5 years of experience
Bachelor's Degree

Published on 29 Mar 2023

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Regional Childcare Planning Coordinator


POSITION TITLE:       Regional Childcare Planning Coordinator


REPORTS TO:             Childcare Development Coordinator and President


JOB TYPE:                    Full-time, exempt                    SALARY RANGE:  $45-50,000


BENEFITS:                    Medical, dental, vision, 403b retirement, vacation/sick/holiday pay, life, disability


DEPARTMENT:          Program Results      




United Way of the Lakeshore is a social change organization working to improve the lives of people in Muskegon, Oceana and Newaygo counties. Our mission is uniting to inspire change and build thriving communities. Our regional aspiration is that the people of the lakeshore region will have the educational and economic opportunities needed to succeed and thrive. We work collaboratively with private companies, employees and non-profit partners to create and promote supports to cause lasting change in conditions for our community. Our bold goal issue is reducing poverty – more specifically – 10,000 more working families will meet their basic needs by 2025. Our targeted focus is ALICE – families who are asset limited, income constrained, and employed, sometimes referred to as the “working poor.”


Working with the Regional Childcare Action Team, the Regional Childcare Planning Coordinator is responsible to help our region organize and respond to challenges related to the access, affordability, and quality of childcare.  To accomplish this goal, the coordinator will build a robust regional coalition and understand the capacity and quality of the current childcare system, the childcare preferences of parents, and the needs of the business community.  The coordinator will help determine the barriers to increasing access, affordability, and quality along with the policy, funding, and programs that can be used to overcome these barriers.  The person in this role is expected to have excellent interpersonal relationship skills in order to build rapport with companies and individuals to support planning work and goals of United Way and the Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC) grant.  To be successful in this role, the candidate must take initiative, have strong attention to detail, work independently, demonstrate leadership, and embody United Way’s core values.




1.        Engage and convene community partners


            A.        Work with the Childcare Development Coordinator and action team to expand membership to build a robust coalition focused on the childcare needs in Muskegon, Oceana, Newaygo, Lake and Mason Counties.

            B.        Develop and implement a coalition structure to best manage the work and ensure representation of all key sectors of the communities.

            C.        Provide support and direction for all staff, volunteers and coalition members engaged in planning efforts, including training and supporting community level volunteers.

            D.        Ensure that strategies and tactics to attract and retain community partners are an integral part of activities.

            E.        Oversee administrative aspects of the coalition, including database management and timely reporting of results and other management data.

            F.        Provide progress reports on planning status, including recruiting, adherence to timetable, strategies, and results.

            G.       Ensure proper follow-up after all community engagement activities. Make recommendations when necessary.

            H.        Manage and analyze all feedback results in order to identify and influence trends.

            I.         Monitor planning activities in order to identify problems and opportunities and develop appropriate responses.

            J.         Maintain good public and community relations with all major constituencies.

            K.        Evaluate all work functions and provide recommendations for future improvements.

            L.       Communicate with volunteers on a regular basis to monitor and support progress towards achieving goals.


2.        Assess regional childcare needs


            A.        Compile all available prior surveys, focus groups, reports and other childcare assessments from the region for review and to gauge the need for additional primary data collections. 

            B.        Develop survey tools to gather information from employers, childcare providers and parents throughout the region.

            C.        Identify targets and manage focus group planning and implementation for each group in all counties, a total of 9, to gather additional local data. 

            D.        Ensure appropriate recognition of volunteers and participants.

            E.        Provide exceptional customer service and problem resolution in a timely manner.


3.        Understand municipal policies

          A.        Work with West Michigan Regional Development Authority and municipalities to review

                      zoning ordinances and identify any challenges that prevent childcare business.

          B.         Identify best practices and challenges and provide summaries in easy-to-read briefs

C.         Create technical assistance resource guide to help childcare providers navigate

             municipal/zoning restrictions.      


4.        Establish a baseline inventory of the region’s current childcare system.

          A.         Develop a baseline inventory that includes: existing childcare businesses, current facilities

                      and workforce needs, early care and education workforce training needs, existing building

                      inventory for potential childcare facilities.

          B.         Work with the Childcare Action Coalition to develop key performance indicators in each


          C.         Use data collected to create an easy to use dashboard for sustaining new data as available.




  1. Education: Any combination of education, experience, and training equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university. 
  2. Experience: Minimum of 3+ years of combined experience in successful childcare and planning roles, comparable private and/or non-profit sector experience, related business operations, or lived experiences.
  3. Skills: Proficiency in the use of computer programs for accounting, word processing, database, spreadsheets, email and internet. Excellent oral/written communication skills. Excellent organizational skills. Candidate should possess ability to gain a clear understanding and the ability to effectively communicate the role of United Way in the community, capacity to take leadership role within the organization, partnering with parents, businesses, community, and government leaders in addressing human service needs in the community. Ability to work and drive extensively in the field within the Lakeshore region.






  1. Mission-Focused:  Top priority is to create real social change that leads to better lives and healthier communities.  This drives performance and professional motivations.
  2. Relationship-Oriented:  Understands that people come before process and is astute in cultivating and managing relationships toward a common goal.
  3. Collaborator:  Understands the roles and contributions of all sectors of the community and can mobilize financial and human resources through meaningful engagement.
  4. Results-Driven:  Dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the common good; creating, resourcing, scaling and leveraging strategies and innovations for broad investment and impact.
  5. Brand-Steward:  Understands his/her role in growing and protecting the reputation and results of the greater network.




  1. Behaviors reflect a belief that individuals from diverse backgrounds lead to a more successful organization.
  2. Educates oneself about DEI issues within the organization and community.
  3. Demonstrates a willingness to become aware of and address one’s own implicit biases.
  4. Deliberately works to include individuals from underrepresented backgrounds in efforts both internally and externally as appropriate.
  5. Identifies and integrates the tools and resources needed to create more equitable environments.




  1. Problem solving
  2. Analytical skills
  3. Speaking ability
  4. Writing ability
  5. Interpersonal skills
  6. Organizational skills
  7. Time Management skills





  1. Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree or 3-5 years of United Way or related experience. 
  2. Must possess progressive, responsible experience in the field of human services planning, fundraising or sales.
  3. Must possess demonstrated experience working in an environment of systemic change.
  4. Must possess strong facilitation and consensus building skills.
  5. Must possess administration and supervisory experience of professional staff.
  6. Ability to work with volunteers, staff, partners, and community at-large in providing leadership, direction, and resource information as needed.
  7. Knowledge of or ability to learn strategic planning and outcomes-based methodology.
  8. Knowledge of the non-profit and health and human service field.
  9. Excellent communication skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, collaborative problem-solving skills and the ability to motivate volunteers and staff.
  10. Ability to learn or demonstrated success in program development and grant writing.






  1. Must be able to occasionally push, pull and/or move objects weighing up to 24 pounds.
  2. Must be able to continuously perform moderately difficult manipulative tasks such as typing/keyboarding, writing, filing, phone work, etc.
  3. Must be able to occasionally stand to obtain files from top drawer of 4-drawer file cabinet.
  4. Must be able to continuously sit for prolonged periods to perform computer and clerical deskwork.
  5. Must have clear speech and writing ability to make self clearly understood in face-to-face, phone and electronic interactions with staff, volunteers, and customers.
  6. Must be able to frequently articulate with extreme accuracy and precision to give instructions, describe a project plan, answer questions, etc.
  7. Must be able to continuously see objects closely to proofread work, perform word processing, filing etc.
  8. Must be able to continuously hear normal sounds and voices with some background noise to receive verbal instructions, answer telephone, communicate with employees, volunteers, customers, etc.





  1. Must be able to continuously concentrate on moderate detail with some interruptions.
  2. Must have attention span ranging from 20 to 45 minutes for administrative responsibilities, and up to 60 to 120 minutes for meetings, etc.
  3. Must be able to understand and relate to specific ideas, generally several at a time.
  4. Must be able to relate to the concepts behind specific ideas.
  5. Must be able to remember, organize, and prioritize multiple verbal and written messages, information, and task assignments from a few hours or days to several weeks or months.
  6. Must be able to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.
  7. Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.