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President & CEO

United Way of West Tennessee
Jackson, TN

Relocation expenses: Not paid

CEO/President/Executive Director
Full time
5 - 10 years of experience
Bachelor's Degree

Published on 15 Jul 2019

Expires on 15 Jul 2019

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President & CEO

TITLE:                                              President/CEO

RESPONSIBLE TO:                        Chair of the Board

PURPOSE OF POSITION: The president is responsible for, but not limited to, leading, managing and administering all aspects of the organization including: coordinating board of director’s activities; directing and encouraging development efforts; building relationships and communicating effectively with all stakeholders, donors, partner agencies, etc.; championing a community impact perspective; and providing strategic planning and administrative guidance.  The president provides innovative, collaborative leadership for the United Way in developing financial resources and in identifying and responding to community priorities in human needs.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA:  Leadership and coordination of board activities

  1. Serve as principal professional resource to the chair of the board and key volunteer committees of the board and assist in matters of policy formation and interpretation.  Implements the policies established through the administration of the organization and its activities.        
  2. Manage recruitment and development of board members representative of entire community.
  3. Work with board to identify and initiate appropriate issues requiring policy decisions/actions and assure implementation.
  4. Assure the continuity of volunteer direction for the United Way through program of cultivation, recruitment and motivation of community leadership.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA:  Relationship building

  1. Maintain leadership role among United Way constituents.
  2. Play key role in community/task forces that deal with significant community issues.
  3. Meet with community decision makers and community groups
  4. Maintain regular communication with major donor groups.
  5. Assure involvement of organization’s diverse constituents.
  6. Represent the United Way throughout the communities we serve.
  7. Cultivate and develop cooperative relationships among service providers, funding sources,

planning bodies and community groups to plan for fund and implement an effective community impact agenda and human services system.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA:  Direct and encourage development efforts

  1. Provide leadership in developing financial resources to help meet human needs of community.
  2. Develop creative strategies and plans for achieving financial goals.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA:  Champion a strategic community impact perspective

  1. Assess community needs and identify appropriate roles for United Way in addressing them.
  2. Assure prudent and strategic investment of United Way resources.
  3. Position United Way to advocate improvement of health and human services practices according to the values and resources of the community.
  4. Create effective internal alignment of all organizational functions/staff to carry out a community impact agenda.
  5. Enhance capabilities of partner agencies to respond to local community needs and to build the capacity of their own organization.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA:  Communicate effectively with stakeholders

  1. Enhance public awareness, understanding and support of human needs through coordinated marketing and communications.
  2. Ensure community engagement and dialogue to understand public perception and needs.
  3. Create and build awareness of United Way’s role in the community.
  4. Act as the primary spokesperson of United Way goals and objectives and be an active participant in key community organizations.
  5. Interpret the functions of United Way to the community through direct involvement and through public relations program.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA:  Strategic planning and administrative guidance

  1. Establish organizational plans, policies and procedures as necessary for effective operations.
  2. Research and evaluation of external, social, community and economic factors which would impact the future direction of the organization.
  3. Assist staff development, execution and monitoring progress of annual functional work plans.
  4. Ensure proper stewardship of and accountability for overall operation and fiscal integrity of the organization within established policies.
  5. Create, implement and maintain effective systems and processes that help people work effectively and communicate and collaborate efficiently.
  6. Maintain an organization with competent, diverse staff that will accomplish goals and work plans effectively and assure continued professional development.
  7. Foster an environment that develops strong teams and empowers staff, allowing them to deal effectively with critical issues and opportunities.


A minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  Five to ten years of experience in health, human services, government or higher education; recent service in a senior level executive position; at least five years of management experience, preferably in a not-for-profit organization.  Leadership experience as a CEO or Executive Director, within a United Way preferred.  Demonstrated ability to think and act strategically.  Familiar with economic and community development issues.  Exceptionally strong communication and relationship management skills.  Proven track record in fund raising, project management and administration and fiscal management.


The scope of this position is broad, requiring the incumbent to establish and maintain significant relationships with persons at all levels within the communities ( the fourteen counties served – Carroll, Chester, Crockett, Decatur, Dyer, Gibson, Hardeman, Haywood, Henderson, Henry, Lake, McNairy, Madison and Weakley) including corporate executives, labor representatives, other funding organizations, human needs organizations, government representatives, other United Ways (local, state wide and national) and representatives of all other constituencies.  Close working relationship with senior management team and general relationships with entire staff.

EFFECT ON END RESULT          Primary impact on over-all effectiveness

  1. The interpretation of the purposes of the United Way to the community; the continuedevaluation of UW services evident in continued good relations with the total community;and the growth of the United Way in terms of increased funds raised each year.
  2. The sound administration of the affairs of the UW evident in good public relations and sound financial management.
  3. The development and maintenance of good staff relations and increasing effective laity,resulting in a smooth collaborative team of laymen and staff.

4.  The exercise of good judgment and competence in implementing stated needs, objectives and interest of the United Way as enunciated by the Board of Directors of the United of West Tennessee, Inc. and within the latitudes of responsibilities defined by the Board.