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President and Chief Executive Officer

Nacogdoches Area United Way
Nacogdoches, TX

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CEO/President/Executive Director
Full time
5 - 10 years of experience
Bachelor's Degree

Published on 9 Oct 2022

Expires on 9 Oct 2022

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President and Chief Executive Officer


Nacogdoches Area United Way

President and Chief Executive Officer

Job Description


Job Title: President & Chief Executive Officer


Position Description: The President & CEO will report to and work collaboratively with the Board of Directors in leading the Nacogdoches Area United Way (NAUW) and delivering on its vision. Specifically, s/he will ensure that NAUWs’ fiscal, operations, fundraising, member relations, marketing, and programmatic strategies are effectively implemented. The President & CEO is the primary connection to the United Ways of Texas, partner agencies, and communities in the NAUW service area. Additionally, it is expected that this position currently is associated with, or can associate with, state agency leadership, elected officials, executive branches of government, and statewide organizations.



Responsibilities and Core Competencies:


Provides Leadership

  • Visioning and Strategic Thinking - Thinks long term, stretching horizons and challenging imaginations to further the image of the NAUW, creating a vision that captures minds and energizes others to commit to the vision.
  • Opportunity Development – Continuously looks for opportunities to further the mission of the NAUW, including strategic partnerships and relationships with other entities, funding opportunities, and policy or systems-change efforts.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making - Identifying, analyzing, organizing, and solving problems and issues in a timely, effective manner; uses data and input from others to make sound, timely decisions even in the face of uncertainty.
  • Change Leadership - Champions change, demonstrating a willingness and ability to initiate, sponsor, and lead a change initiative through to completion. This includes ensuring and encouraging community partners and partner agencies to embrace a path forward and supporting the overall evolution and transition of the NAUW.
  • Team Leadership and Development - Builds own skills in team leadership, delegates effectively, and fosters teamwork. Develops individual abilities by coaching, mentoring, and advising; challenges others to improve; addresses performance problems, and grooms staff for advancement.


Develops Impact Strategies, Resources, and Builds Relationships

  • Relationship Management and Member Services – Drives the organizational focus on support to partner agencies with an ability to balance and navigate diverse partner and community needs, perspectives, and priorities.
  • Political Astuteness - Ability to understand and operate effectively both within the political environment of the NAUW service area; formulates strategies and communicates in an ethical and politically sensitive manner; has detailed working knowledge of local and regional social issues.
  • Strategy and Product Innovation – Ability to identify innovative strategies to address community concerns, create products to address strategies, and find appropriate funding mechanisms.
  • Coalition Building - The ability to explain, advocate and articulate facts and ideas persuasively and to negotiate both internally and externally to advance strategies.
  • Development of Resources - Understands fully the development of resources required to advance the mission of the NAUW.
  • Board Relationship Management - The ability to build and manage productive relationships with board members that will provide leadership and guidance for the organization.
  • Funder Relationship Management - Creates and sustains mutually positive funder relationships; works successfully to foster mutually-beneficial relationships that add value throughout the NAUW.

Demonstrates Business Acumen

  • Strategic & Operational Planning – Works with the board and staff to determine long-term objectives and strategies for meeting goals, allocates resources according to priorities, determines how to use personnel and resources efficiently to accomplish a task or project, and anticipates obstacles.
  • Financial Management - Administers the budget for program areas; administers and monitors expenditures to ensure cost-effective support of programs and policies; assesses the financial condition of the organization.
  • Human Resource Management - Applies knowledge of policies and practices involved in personnel/human resource functions.
  • Technology Management - Manages the organization’s technology assets and uses long- and short-range planning to budget for and select technology.

Models Exemplary Values and Personal Attributes

  • Achievement Orientation - Demonstrates energy and excitement for challenging objectives, exceeding goals set by self and/or others; driven to achieve high-level, sustainable performance goals.
  • Integrity - Consistently honoring commitments and taking responsibility for actions and words.
  • Flexibility - Demonstrates adaptability and openness to alternative solutions and flexibility when interacting with others, understanding their attitudes, needs, interests, and perspectives.
  • Inclusiveness – Models the ability to network and partner with diverse stakeholders including a broad representation of private/public and traditional/nontraditional community organizations.
  • Passion - Exhibits and effectively communicates sincere passion for the NAUW and those served by it.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Qualified candidates with a strong management background are encouraged to apply.
  2. At least 5 years of management experience, preferably within a senior leadership position.
  3. Excellent understanding and extensive knowledge and/or experience with United Way at the local level.
  4. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  5. Bachelor's degree required; Master’s degree preferred. Education requirement may be waived for select cases in which the applicant has substantial relevant work experience.

Please submit a letter of interest, resume, and references using the link below:

For best consideration, apply by October 9, 2022. Questions? Email Dr. Tim Bisping at