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President and CEO

Lancaster, PA, USA

Relocation expenses: Negotiated

CEO/President/Executive Director
Full time
Bachelor's Degree

Published on 19 May 2023

Expires on 10 Jun 2023

President and CEO


United Way of Lancaster County (UWLC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the education, economic mobility, and health of the community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. UWLC raises funds through various channels to support grants, advocacy, and United Way programs. Key programs include Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), the 211 Call Center, Project Blueprint, and One United Lancaster.


The President/CEO is the leader of UWLC, responsible for mobilizing resources, building relationships, and working across sectors to improve community conditions. The President/CEO possesses strong business and management skills, excels in resource development, and upholds the organization's brand and reputation. Key responsibilities include resource development, community impact, marketing and communications, strategic management, and organization management.


1. Resource Development:
- Drive fundraising efforts with current and prospective individual and corporate donors.
- Promote a culture of fundraising within the organization at the staff and board levels.

2. Community Impact:
- Take responsibility for UWLC's overall impact on the community, with a focus on marginalized individuals and those affected by systemic inequities.
- Oversee focused grants, collaborative grant efforts, and grant opportunities to accelerate proven and innovative solutions.
- Support grantees through connections, resources, and opportunities, including volunteers.

3. Marketing and Communications:
- Develop and implement the overall marketing and communication strategy for UWLC.
- Find new and innovative ways to communicate UWLC's message, emphasizing the need for systemic change.
- Serve as a compelling voice for communicating the organization's vision and mission.

4. Strategic Management:
- Serve as the principal resource to the Board of Directors, providing strong direction in policy formulation and interpretation.
- Collaborate with the Board and UWLC Management team to establish organizational goals and develop strategies to achieve them.
- Ensure coordination and alignment of all UWLC activities with the strategic direction.

5. Organization Management:
- Build and lead a high-performing team, fostering alignment and collaboration.
- Maintain accountability for operational and fiscal integrity within Board policies.
- Assess organizational capacity, identify gaps, set goals, and manage organizational spending.
- Monitor budget compliance, mitigate financial risks, and promote inclusiveness and diversity among staff and volunteers.


- Experience in revenue building and increasing philanthropic support.
- Extensive experience leading and managing organizations with a comparable size and mission.
- Ability to gain the confidence, respect, and trust of stakeholders.
- Demonstrated track record of promoting diversity.
- Experience across multiple sectors, including nonprofit, public, and corporate environments.
- Proficiency in developing partnerships, building teams, and conflict management.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills.
- High energy level, stamina, and ability to inspire others.

- Minimum requirement: Bachelor's degree.
-Interested Applicants should send Letter of Interest and Resume to:


1. Organizational Leadership: Build and align an effective team to achieve the organization's vision, mission, and goals.
2. Influence in the Marketplace: Cultivate a network of relationships, stay innovative, and bring fresh perspectives that create value.
3. Business and Revenue Growth: Fundraise effectively, pursue aggressive revenue goals, and demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset.
4. Partnership Mindset & Network-Oriented: Value external networks, build coalitions, and foster trust, interdependence, and collaboration.
5. Mission-Focused: Catalyze commitment to the mission, driving social change for better lives and healthier communities.
6.Results-Driven: Dedicate efforts to shared and measurable goals, leveraging strategies for broad investment and impact.
7. Collaborator: Understand the roles and contributions of all sectors, mobilize resources, and engage stakeholders meaningfully.

Note: This job description provides a general overview of the responsibilities and requirements for the position of President and Chief Executive Officer at United Way of Lancaster County, PA. The specific duties and qualifications may vary and should be discussed further during the hiring process.