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Manager of Accounting

Vienna, VA

Relocation expenses: Not paid

Full time
3 - 5 years of experience
Bachelor's Degree

Published on 30 Jun 2022

Expires on 30 Jun 2022

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Manager of Accounting

In summary, the Manager of Accounting position reports to the Director of Finance & Accounting and is responsible for helping to maintain the official set of financial books and records of United Way NCA; to help process and record procure-to-pay, invoice-to-receipt, and record-to-report financial transactions; and to help facilitate accurate and timely internal and external financial and managerial reporting, including: (i) maintaining a robust chart of account structure; (ii) assisting whenever necessary with the processing of revenues, expenses, payments and cash receipts; (iii) ensuring each financial transaction and journal entry is recorded in an accurate and timely manner; (iv) closing the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers each month and reconciling each account in a timely and accurate manner; (v) ensuring each temporarily restricted, permanently restricted and board-designated net asset account and related community impact fund is accurate and current; (vi) ensuring compliance with government, foundation and other inbound grant agreements as well as donor pledge restrictions; (vii) allocating natural expenses to functional expense categories in support of creating the functional expense statement; (viii) conducting complex accounting and financial analysis; and (ix) assisting with other finance and accounting functions and special projects as assigned.


Essential Duties:

Assisting the Director of Finance & Accounting with maintaining the general ledger and the procure-to-pay, invoice-to-receipt, and record-to-report accounting cycles; and facilitating timely and accurate reporting, including:

  1. Ensuring the general ledger (which contains the master set of accounts that summarizes all financial transactions occurring within the organization) encompasses all of the financial accounts and detailed transactions of the organization, including all revenues, expenditures, assets, liabilities, and unrestricted, temporarily restricted and permanently restricted net assets.
  2. Assisting with the timely and accurate processing of a broad array of financial transactions, including revenues, expenses, payments, invoicing, cash receipts, accounts payable, prepaid expense, accounts receivable, pledge donations, contributions and net assets.
  3. Maintaining a well-designed and robust chart of accounts and related coding combinations capable of supporting management’s internal and external financial information and reporting requirements, including donor, program and grant reporting.
  4. Ensuring every financial transaction is recorded in an accurate and timely manner in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and United Way NCA’s Finance and Accounting Policies and Procedures; and in compliance with United Way Worldwide guidelines, donor designations, grantor requirements, laws, regulations and contractual terms and conditions.
  5. Confirming that all detailed pledge-related financial transactions (e.g., pledges, pledge payments, contributions, processing fees, etc.) recorded into Andar (UWNCA’s donor subsidiary ledger and donor relations database) are summarized and recorded into the general ledger each month in a timely and accurate manner.
  6. Ensuring that the general ledger (Great Plains) and each subsidiary ledger (including Andar and ADP) are on the same monthly closing schedule and that the general ledger is reconciled to each subsidiary ledger in an accurate and timely manner.
  7. Closing the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers each month in an accurate and timely manner, including (i) generating a month-end trial balance; (ii) preparing reconciliations for each balance sheet account; temporarily restricted and permanently restricted net asset account; all revenue and expense accounts; and all credit card accounts; (iii) ensuring that all month-end, quarter-end and year-end adjusting journal entries, accruals, depreciation and other periodic adjustments are recorded in a timely and accurate manner; and (iv) ensuring the monthly closing of each subsidiary ledger coincides with the monthly close of and reconciles to the general ledger.
  8. Ensuring that every significant chart of account is reconciled to supporting documentation and schedules each month in a timely and accurate manner; that all investment transactions, including dividend and interest income and realized and unrealized gains and losses are recorded in an accurate and timely manner; and that all fixed assets are properly depreciated while in use and then removed.
  9. Preparing accurate and timely journal entries required to allocate natural expenses to functional expense categories (program, fundraising, and core management) (i) to enable the creation of annual functional expense statements; and (ii) to inform the accuracy of United Way NCA’s campaign management, fundraising and pledge processing fees.
  10. Ensuring the general ledger is operating in an efficient and effective manner, including system configuration; internal controls; interfaces with subsidiary ledgers and applications; on-going systems support and maintenance; and system security and access.
  11. Ensuring that all designated, restricted, or conditional pledges, contributions and gifts are recorded to the correct temporarily restricted account and fund code in an accurate and timely manner and in accordance with GAAP, including designations to United Way NCA’s community impact fund or other program or service area; and that corresponding expenditures, including outbound community impact and other program grants and expenses, are coded to the correct fund code and that the correct expenditure amount is released form temporarily restricted net assets and transferred to unrestricted net assets in an accurate and timely manner.
  12. Ensuring the proper accounting for all fixed assets, including recording the cost of newly-acquired fixed assets (both tangible and intangible); tracking existing fixed assets; recording depreciation and amortization; accounting for the disposition of fixed assets; and adjusting the fixed asset records to reflect the results of a periodic physical inventory count.
  13. Ensuring application and security access controls are in place for the general ledger to promote (i) the accuracy, completeness, validity, verifiability, and consistency of the accounting entries and related financial reports; and (ii) strong internal controls.
  14. In support of the organization’s annual audit (and A-133 audit, when applicable), and in recognition that the general ledger is used to aggregate information into the financial statements of the organization, preparing and distributing in a timely and accurate manner a detailed trial balance containing all financial accounts, account reconciliations and supporting schedules and documentation that will be used to prepare the annual financial statements and footnotes presented to the external auditor for audit and substantive testing.
  15. Applying knowledge and experience of non-profit and United Way network accounting principles and practices when (i) conducting complex account, trend, compliance and ratio analysis; (ii) performing accounting research; (iii) preparing complex journal entries; and (iv) exploring adherence to compliance standards.
  16. Assisting with preparing complex accounting and financial calculations and analysis, including breakeven campaign processing fees; functional expense and overhead allocations; and other complex calculations and analysis.
  17. Assisting with maintaining formal written accounting policies and procedures for each major account used to record the organization’s financial transactions into the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers and to create internal and external financial reports and information.
  18. Conducting research on accounting policies and standards to determine appropriate recording and reporting treatment; assisting in implementing of any new accounting policies and standards that may arise from time to time; ensuring compliance with Circular A-110, A-122, A-133 for federal grants; and assisting with training initiatives on appropriate accounting policies and processes.
  19. Assisting with other important Finance department duties and functions, including the annual audit; IRS Form 990; internal and external reporting; annual budgeting and forecasting; cash management and forecasting; computer application and business process improvement projects; and providing accounting and other advice and counsel.
  20. Supporting the management of inbound grant budget preparation and reporting as well as the review of outbound grant budget and reporting.
  21. Managing the process to maintain compliance with localities and state regulatory requirements such as the renewals for the annual charitable registration, tax exemption certificates, etc.
  22. Performing additional duties, special projects and analysis as requested and as the person’s work capacity allows, including pledge and cash receipts processing; pledge collections; and accounts payable activities. 

Essential Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. A CPA or CPA candidate and public accounting experience are preferred, as is knowledge of non-profit and United Way accounting and reporting.
  • Must have at least 3 years of relevant accounting experience, preferably with a non-profit organization that has multiple programs, restricted donations, inbound grants and a high volume of financial transactions.
  • Must be able to demonstrate and promote a positive and supportive work environment consistent with the organization’s culture, values and core competencies.
  • Must be able to demonstrate personal qualities of integrity, credibility, a strong work ethics and an unwavering commitment to the organization’s mission; and to be able to help promote a culture of fiscal stewardship and prudence and fidelity throughout the organization.
  • Must be a proactive, hands-on non-profit accounting professional who will own, in partnership with the CFO and Director of Finance & Accounting, the responsibility for ensuring (i) that all financial transactions are recorded in a timely and accurate manner, and (ii) that the organization’s financial books and records are closed in a consistent, timely and accurate manner and facilitates timely and accurate internal and external reporting.
  • Should have basic knowledge and experience with independent audits and working with external auditors; financial and managerial reporting; budget development and analysis; accounts payable and receivable; accounting systems and general ledgers; and cash flow projections.
  • Should have demonstrated knowledge and experience with accounting for government grants, including ensuring compliance with grant restrictions, conditions, terms and conditions.
  • Should be technologically savvy with knowledge of accounting and reporting software, preferably Great Plains, Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics, and Andar; advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint; and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Must possess keen account analysis, account reconciliation and accounting research skills to ensure financial transactions are recorded timely and in accordance with GAAP; and to diagnose and solve complex accounting problems and to share the results with key stake holders.
  • Must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills; experience in effectively communicating key data in a user-friendly and concise manner to individuals with varying levels of financial acumen, including presentations to management.


Personal Skills and Attributes:

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills; experience with automated accounting systems (Great Plains experience a plus); and must be detailed oriented with a positive professional attitude.
  • Ability to work independently or with a diverse team in a fast paced, demanding and high transaction volume environment with emphasis on accuracy and timeliness.
  • Excellent verbal and written communicate skills; strong work ethic; high energy results-oriented manager; and a self-starter with little supervision required and organized.
  • Technically proficient in GAAP and IRS regulations governing non-profits; ability to multi-task and work under tight deadlines; and an individual with the utmost professional and personal integrity.
  • Ability to proactively engage other staff, assess risk, prioritize work, identify issues and solve problems; and a passion for United Way’s mission and commitment to a healthy community.

Individual and Organization-wide Competencies:

The candidate must possess the following core competencies, which are required of all United Way NCA staff regardless of role.

  • Values and Attributes: The candidate must demonstrate that his/her values and personal attributes align with those of United Way NCA.
  • Complexity and Change: The candidate must demonstrate his/her understanding that social change requires the ability to comprehend and work within a complex, interdependent environment.
  • Operational Excellence: The candidate must articulate his/her understanding that effective day-to-day operations are achieved through adherence to sound management practices.
  • Mission-Focused: The candidate must demonstrate how his/her performance and professional development can create real social change that leads to better lives and healthier communities within the National Capital Area.
  • Relationship-Oriented: The candidate must demonstrate his/her ability to put people before process, and the ability to cultivate and manage relationships toward a common goal.
  • Collaborative: The candidate must demonstrate his/her ability to collaborate with colleagues to get the job done in a timely, accurate and professional manner.
  • Results-Driven: The candidate must demonstrate his/her ability to support shared and measurable goals that promote the common good.
  • Brand-Steward: The candidate must demonstrate his/her ability to serve as a steward of the organization’s assets and the brand, including protecting the reputation and results of United Way NCA and the greater network.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits as compared to other comparable organizations within the non-profit sector, including substantial paid leave, healthcare benefits, a matching retirement plan, and a great work environment.

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