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Licensed Mental Health Consultant ($55 hr/60hrs month)

Miami, FL

Relocation expenses:

Not applicable
3 - 5 years of experience
Master's Degree

Published on 9 Oct 2023

Expires on 15 Aug 2023

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Licensed Mental Health Consultant ($55 hr/60hrs month)

Help us make a difference in our community.  United, we are tackling complex issues and turning contribution into real change. We fight for the equitable access to quality education, financial security and health of everyone in our community. Join our team and join us in the fight for a stronger Miami!

United Way Miami, Inc. is looking for a Licensed Mental Health Consultant to join our team. As a Licensed Mental Health Consultant you will carry on the implement program practices, which promote the healthy social and emotional development of all children, including children with disabilities.


  • Utilizing an early childhood mental health consultation model that Incorporates the Pyramid model to classroom practices. Ensuring that the validated screening instruments selected to assess the social, emotional and behavioral development of children ages four (4) weeks to five (5) years of age are utilized appropriately within the program. Providing direct guidance to center staff on the 45-day screening results and show how to use the findings from the screening and assessment instruments to address the individual needs of each child. Use the results of screening and ongoing assessment data to guide work with teachers, families, set goal and develop classroom and individualized plans.


  • Provide clinical guidance to center staff regarding how to design and implement program practices, which are responsive to the identified social, emotional and behavioral mental health concerns of an individual child or group of children.  This includes guiding teachers in the development of initial intervention planning.  Provide direct leadership in the clinical assessment process for children who need intervention. Conduct general classroom observations as needed and individual classroom observations as needed with parental consent. Assist the classroom staff in implementing strategies, which include the universal promotion of healthy social and emotional development for all children utilizing the recommendations from selected assessment instruments.  Ensure that child mental health activities are part of the curriculum and lesson plans. Implement related practices, which are responsive to infants and toddlers and their rapidly changing needs. 


  • Provide opportunities for parents and staff to discuss with the child mental health professional ways of structuring the child’s program and implementing strategies and plans, which will foster development for children with atypical development.  Work in partnership with the disabilities coordinator to help teaching staff to identify and working to individualize for children with children with disabilities who also have social, emotional or behavioral concerns.


  • Facilitate opportunities for all staff and families to make contact with and to take advantage of community child mental health and parenting education resources, which promote the healthy development of children. Work in partnership with assigned social services, mental health and disabilities staff to locate appropriate providers for an individual child or family who would benefit from services. Ensure that all referrals, follow up and ongoing efforts are documented appropriately.
  • A regular schedule of on-site mental health consultation involves the licensed mental health professional, program staff and parents; and utilizes a multi-disciplinary team planning approach to address strengths and identified areas of concern.


  • Mental health services must schedule sufficient frequency to enable the timely and effective identification of and intervention in family and staff concerns about a child’s social, emotional and behavioral development. The schedule of services rendered must include the monthly and weekly days of service and the schedule must be posted and visible to parents. 


  • An hour on a monthly basis will be for the home based program, in which the consultant will participate from the socializations, and home visits of those families who may need intervention. 


  • Parent and staff education training opportunities must be made available to  promote children’s mental wellness by providing an opportunity for parents to identify strengths and share concerns about their child’s social, emotional and behavioral and development, including separation and attachment issues in individual and group settings. This includes providing training and resource material in the area of mental wellness for center staff.   


  • The mental health consultant will be on site on every Monday & Thursday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  During those days and times, the mental health consultant is available to meet with the staff and families. (Hours may vary). 


  •  The total number of hours for the mental health consultant for the month is from 48 hours to 60 hours



  • Recordkeeping and reporting requirements include that the provider:
  • Document program efforts in a case documentation format which complies with national standards of clinical practice for entry into the electronic recordkeeping system (Child Plus) in a timely manner. Submit Desktop Monitoring Feedback Response reports on a monthly basis.
  • Complete a summary report of on-site consultation visits, signed by all participants and providing a copy for the Education Specialist at the conclusion of each consultation conducted. Compile reports monthly and quarterly as required.
  • All trainings will include sign in sheets. Record and report general classroom and individual observations
  • Concerns and/or recommendations will be shared with the curriculum specialist and/or teacher providing a copy for the Education Specialist. 
  • Complete multidisciplinary team meeting, planning and Follow up Intervention Plan forms in collaboration with assigned center.
  • Provide the CONSULTANT with the list, timeline, and information needed to be reviewed for the 90 days, Mental Health consultation, and follow up assessment and planning and observation processes  required by Head Start.  Inform the staff of other documentation required to ensure the best quality of services for the children and families.
  • Allocate six (6) to eight (8) hours for clinical assessment and planning for children whom do not respond to first-tiered intervention early in the program year.
  • Family Engagement in collaboration with the Teachers and Education Coordinator will provide center-specific assistance in scheduling meetings introducing staff for parent meetings and parent contact.  


EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Master's degree in counseling, social work or marriage & family counseling. License in Florida in for a (LCP, LCPC, LSW, LCSW, LMFT) is required.


UWM is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace, please visit our Career site homepage to view our EEO statement and Drug-Free policy.