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Labor Liaison

Atlanta, GA

Relocation expenses:

Full time
3 - 5 years of experience

Published on 30 Sep 2022

Expires on 30 Sep 2022

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Labor Liaison


United Way and the labor movement have enjoyed a beneficial and long lasting partnership that has engaged hundreds of thousands of working people--union members and nonmembers alike--in programs that benefit communities across the country, and assisted millions of workers in their time of need.

In recent years, the AFL-CIO and the United Way have undergone organizational changes that have led to an increased focus on developing sustainable solutions to the problems facing working families and communities around the country and creating programs that bring diverse organizations together to advance the common good and address the root causes of social and economic inequality.

The United Way and the labor movement share a common vision of prosperous, inclusive, diverse and safe communities where every member of the community has access a quality public education, fair wages, productive work opportunities, and accessible, affordable, quality healthcare.

Position Summary

The AFL-CIO Labor Liaison supports all functions of United Way and AFL-CIO partnership and the mutual interests of both organizations by:

  • Bridging United Way and Labor communities;
  • Fostering strong relationships with labor unions to advance mutual impact goals and ensure successful United Way campaigns;
  • Identifying opportunities for the United Way and labor to collaborate on jointly developed programs that benefit local communities;
  • Building strategic partnerships with community allies and implementing jointly developed programs around the issues of income, education and health;

The AFL-CIO Labor Liaison is an employee of United Way subject to United Way’s employment and workplace policies.

Key Responsibilities

Relationship Building, Community Engagement and Community Impact:

  • Work with United Way Community Impact (CI) staff and Central Labor Council leaders to determine where CI goals align with the goals of the local labor movement, and develop plans for increasing labor participation to achieve those goals;
  • Develop effective relationships with AFL-CIO Central Labor Council leaders and local unions in the jurisdiction covered by United Way;
  • Collaborate with CLC community engagement staff to build capacity of the CLC to sustain effective relationships with community-based organizations that work in impact areas of mutual interest to the UW and CLC;
  • Develop labor and community-based coalitions and partnerships and oversee efforts that highlight working family and social justice issues that are of mutual interest to the UW and CLC, give voice to disempowered residents in communities and tackle the root causes of social and economic inequality.
  • Develop community mapping tools to identify strategic community partners, analyze existing relationships and identify opportunities to build relationships with key community allies;
  • Identify opportunities to build and foster a strong partnership between the Labor Council and the United Way;
  • Represent labor across United Way’s departments including community impact, resource development, communications, marketing and other areas, and develop strategies to clearly demonstrate the value of the labor partnership with United Way;
  • Organize community service opportunities that are aligned with the UW’s and labor’s mutual impact goals, and recruit volunteers to ensure successful events;
  • Participate and assist in organizing Labor Council events that are of mutual benefit.
  • Connect union members to essential services in times of need, such as natural disasters and economic downturns including referring members to 2-1-1 for assistance.


  • Develop and support joint Labor-Management campaigns by analyzing data and developing strategies based on evaluation of previous results and additional research;
  • Develop and implement effective engagement and stewardship strategies for accounts to clearly demonstrate the value of the partnership with United Way;
  • Develop labor (unions, CLCs, and members) participation recognition programs and materials;
  • Provide best practice examples of corporate, employee, individual and/or special event fundraising approaches;
  • Assist in selection, recruitment and training of fundraising volunteers;
  • Develop, in conjunction with volunteers, financial and non-financial goals for assigned divisions in keeping with the overall campaign objectives;
  • Ensure that accurate, up to date information is maintained in the database for assigned campaigns;
  • Develop plans to engage unionized employees within UW corporate partners for better campaigns;
  • Develop comprehensive fundraising plans that engage unions and employers to ensure successful workplace giving campaigns;

Volunteer Recruitment and Training

  • Develop and implement volunteer recruitment strategies that enable UW and the labor movement to achieve Community Impact goals of mutual interest.
  • Develop training for union members, community partners and United Way staff including Union Community Activist Network (UCAN) training. Create and deliver a variety of training curricula to develop union members’ leadership skills, including nonprofit board training, advocacy for the common good and other programs as needed.

Administrative Functions

  • Develop, in consultation, with the CLC an annual work plan based on the national AFLCIO-United Way Model Joint Work Plan;
  • Participate in United Way meetings, including local United Way staff meetings, and conferences;
  • Attend CLC and Regional Labor Council meetings, including staff meetings as appropriate;
  • Make monthly reports to the CLC and United Way;
  • Participate in education and training programs, conferences and conventions of the AFLCIO, Labor Council and United Way on topics of mutual interest.

Qualifications & Expectations

  • Labor: Demonstrated experience in the labor movement including mobilizing, volunteer recruitment and training, and leadership development. Strong understanding of AFL-CIO organizational structures and complex dynamics of local labor movements.
  • United Way: Demonstrated experience within the United Way system or the equivalent.
  • Community organizing and Coalition Building: Demonstrated experience working with a broad array of organizations on issues of social and economic justice, building unity among diverse groups and facilitating meetings.
  • Planning and Execution: Ability to develop and execute work plans, training, fundraising, community engagement and coalition building. Assess progress on plans and adjust as needed to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Manage Relationships: Ability to effectively develop, grow and sustain productive internal and external relationships and partnerships. Strong problem solving skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to assess and analyze complex political situations and respond appropriately. Utilize interpersonal skills and political astuteness to engage as a member of multiple teams.
  • Self-Management: Ability to manage time effectively, prioritize work, and balance multiple projects simultaneously. Strong organizational skills. Ability to work effectively under pressure and meet deadlines. Seeks to continuously improve interpersonal and professional skills.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking and delivering presentations. Understands and uses empathy, compassion, and active listening. Is present and aware of subtleties to better understand what is important to constituents and how to connect and engage them with United Way and labor communities.
  • Utilize and Acquire Knowledge: Is forward thinking, focused on what is possible, and seeks new tools and knowledge as needed. Is able to use technology and is innovative and creative in its application.
  • Achieve Results: Is personally accountable and responsible for the results they achieve. Is organized and able to adapt quickly to changing environments, be a strategic, creative, innovative thinker and appropriately persistent. Is able to make decisions and willing to take risks when appropriate to achieve results and meet goals.
  • Strategic Planning: Understands the big picture and aligns priorities with broader goals, measures outcomes, uses feedback to redirect as needed, evaluates alternatives, solutions oriented, seeks alternatives and broad input; can evaluate and provide input on complex issues.
  • Innovation/Creativity: Shares a deep commitment to the UW and labor’s mission.
  • Promotes and values a climate that values and rewards innovation and creativity.
  • Acknowledges and champions the efforts of others to “think outside the box.” Maintains knowledge of current and emerging trends that affect United Way, the labor movement and the non-profit sector. Demonstrates ability to analyze information and translate into specific, effective action/solutions.
  • Mission-Focused: Catalyze others’ commitment to mission to create change that leads to better lives and healthier communities.  This drives performance and professional motivations.
  • Relationship-Oriented: Understands that people come first and is astute in cultivating and managing relationships toward a common goal.
  • Collaborator: understands the roles and contributions of all UWGA departments and external partnerships.  Can mobilize resources (financial and human) through meaningful engagement.
  • Results-Driven: Dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the common good; creating, resourcing, scaling, and leveraging strategies and innovations for impact.
  • Brand Steward: Steward of the brand and understands his/her role in growing and protecting the reputation and results of the greater network.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Must be computer literate and familiar with Microsoft Office and CRM database tools
  • Must have valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle
  • Must be able to work evenings and weekends as needed
  • Must be available to travel out of the area overnight occasionally