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Grassroots Organizer

Salt Lake City, UT

Relocation expenses: Not paid

Not applicable
Part time, Temporary
High School Diploma
$31,000 to $40,000 per year

Published on 31 Aug 2022

Expires on 31 Aug 2022

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Grassroots Organizer


At United Way of Salt Lake, we care passionately about the success of children. When challenges arise in our schools and communities, we bring people together to transform current systems so our children can reach their greatest potential.  

To make this happen, we need your help! We are looking for passionate members of our community to join our Grassroots Leadership team and help ensure that families and community voices lead the way in transforming our communities. To do this, we engage community members to start conversations on what matters the most to them and elevate their experiences to impact decision making processes.  

Joining our Grassroots Leadership team, you will serve as a Grassroots Organizer. This is a paid fellowship—a training and practice program lasting from September 2022 - May 2023.  We aim to find those interested in growing in community organizing and who intimately know the neighborhoods of the larger Salt Lake area. If you are committed to your community and are willing to go the extra mile to drive social change, this is the opportunity for you! 



  • Learn about the lived-experiences of families in our neighborhoods through your own community-based research project 
  • Develop a participatory process for families to identify and lead their own initiatives on what is most important to them 
  • Develop research questions pertaining to challenges affecting families and our community 
  • Transcribe and properly store participant data 
  • Present findings drawn across stories and experiences to leadership groups 
  • Interpret for members of your language community (if applicable) 
  • Design and translate materials to promote initiatives 
  • Make phone calls, build relationships, and recruit folks to your initiatives 
  • Keep a log and record your interactions with community members 
  • Participate in partner and community meetings, and help by taking notes, preparing agendas, and actively engaging in discussions 
  • Collaborate with team members running partnerships to advance equitable community engagement initiatives supporting educational outcomes in our communities 
  • Grow as a person, as a professional, and as a leader in your community 


  • You have worked with families from migrant or Indigenous backgrounds, and you are emotionally invested in learning from their experiences 
  • When you witness a problem in your community, you tend to take the lead and do something about it 
  • You enjoy listening to people’s stories and nurturing deep connections with fellow community members  
  • You love meeting new people, making them feel at home, and building rich relationships 
  • You know the value of paying attention to the little details such as remembering people’s names and following up with people 
  • You are aware and grounded in your own experience when sharing with others, able to connect your own personal story into why this work is important 
  • You are curious and have a knack to investigate beyond the headlines to dig deeper into social causes 
  • You are organized, accountable for your work, keep your own calendar, show up on time and ready to help 
  • You actively seek feedback, reflect on your work, and want to develop your craft as a community organizer 
  • You have a sense of how privilege and identity constantly impact your work with communities 


  • You understand the culture and experiences of members of at least one historically marginalized community 
  • You speak English fluently, and we strongly prefer that you speak a second language that is relevant to our local migrant or Indigenous communities in Utah, such as Spanish, Somali, Arabic, etc.  
  • You have some experience bringing people together by organizing gatherings of any kind 
  • You have some experience leading conversations and discussing community identified issues 
  • You can write professional communications 
  • You have access to the internet at home and are familiar with Windows operating systems  
  • You are willing and capable of learning multiple types of new software to log information 
  • You make this fellowship a priority for the 9-month duration 


  • $17 per hour (or $18 per hour for people who speak another language fluently) 
  • Around 15 hours a week for 9 months (ends in May 2023) 
  • Flexibility in terms of when you work, if you maintain 15 hours a week, and are available at times and days of the week when parents and caregivers are available to meet 
  • Training in Community Based Research, Storytelling, Facilitation, Project Management, Conflict Resolution, & Data Analysis   
  • Thoughtful and consistent coaching and mentoring 


The employee is regularly required to communicate clearly, in oral and written formats, with others in person, over the phone, and via other devices. The employee must be able to transcribe, read extensively, prepare and analyze data and figures, constantly operate a computer and other standard office machinery. The employee is required to regularly travel to offsite locations to set-up presentations and displays physical and electronic forms. The employee must have the ability to lift, carry, push and/or pull objects weighing up to 50lbs.