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Executive Director

Grand Forks, ND

Relocation expenses: Not paid

CEO/President/Executive Director
Full time
5 - 10 years of experience
Bachelor's Degree

Published on 9 Aug 2021

Expires on 9 Aug 2021

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Executive Director

Position Overview

The Executive Director will be mission-driven, collaborative and provide visionary leadership to the staff. The scope of this position is broad, requiring the executive director to establish and maintain significant relationships with persons at all levels within the public, private and nonprofit sectors. This position will serve as the brand ambassador for the Greater Grand Forks community, which includes connecting with a constituency of givers, businesses , agencies, education partners, government officials, program participants and others. The CEO will develop strategic goals to provide opportunities for our neighbors and community to thrive. 

Essential Job Functions

  • Brand Ambassador
    • Advance the mission and image of the organization by serving as the chief representative to all internal and external stakeholders, including the Board, staff, local nonprofits, donors, the media, government officials, businesses and the general public
    • Champion innovative approaches towards solving community issues
    • Model core values inside and outside the organization, ensuring congruence between values and actions
    • Ensure that the organization as a whole, including individual staff, board members and volunteers, pursue all activities with integrity and in an ethical manner
  • Fundraising
    • Raise funds and regularly meet or surpass fundraising targets
    • Research potential donors to gain insight into needs, beliefs and donation habits to understand how to position our organization to them
    • Oversee the creation of new methods to raise funds for our organization
    • Leverage technology and social media where possible to improve fundraising activities
    • Analyze the performance of events and other fundraising activities for effectiveness and to identify areas where money can be saved
    • Build upon existing donor relationships and form new donor relationships on a regular basis
    • Collaborate with other organizations and groups within the community to build partnerships and enhance fundraising activities
  • Resource Development
    • Build quality relationships with traditional and non-traditional partners around community issues, shared strategies and corresponding resource development
    • Establish a culture of shared accountability with partner organizations
    • Provide leadership in developing the financial resources to help meet needs of the community:
      • Establish financial development goals with the Board of Directors
      • Develop creative strategies and plans for achieving financial goals and assure appropriate staffing of the fundraising structure
    • Oversee all corporate and individual relationships and fundraising strategies
    • Identify and develop new sources for partnerships and revenue generation
    • Develop personal relationships with major donors/investors to facilitate the linking of their interests and aspirations with United Way investment
  • Governance
    • Report regularly to the Board on the activities of the organization and progress toward meeting annual plan goals and strategic objectives
    • Ensure Board members are kept informed of matters and developments that warrant their attention and best practices on organizational management and leadership
    • Identify issues and policies that require the action of the Board of Directors
    • Develop board meetings that allow the members to fulfill their operational responsibilities, but also to provide the opportunity for strategic discussion on organizational imperatives
    • Staff the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and other task forces and committees as appropriate
    • With the Executive Board Team, manage organizational spending, monitor budget compliance and mitigate financial risk
  • Organization Management
    • Build and lead a high-performing team and ensure all team members are aligned and collaborating to achieve organizational results
    • Maintain accountability for the operational and fiscal integrity of the organization within policies set by the Board of Directors
    • Ensure that all departmental and individual performance objectives are congruent with the strategic plan, and establish accountability for community impact and organizational goals
    • Cultivate an organizational culture committed to innovation, inclusiveness, continuous learning and improvement


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or related field
  • 5 to 10 years experience in nonprofit management and in fundraising or extensive experience in the leadership and management of organizations of comparable size and mission
  • Ability to command the confidence and respect of stakeholders
  • A demonstrated track record of promoting diversity and an ability to build collaboration with the community
  • Experience in developing partnerships, building teams and conflict management
  • Experience in building revenue and increasing philanthropic support
  • Must demonstrate a high level of intelligence, intellectual curiosity, a desire to explore new ideas and innovative approaches to solving problems

Core Competencies

  • Mission-Focused: Catalyze others’ commitment to the mission to create real social change that leads to providing opportunities to thrive and build a strong community. This drives their performance and professional motivations
  • Relationship-Orientated: Understands that people come before process and is astute in cultivating and managing relationships toward the organizational mission
  • Results-Driven: Dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the common good; creating, resourcing, scaling, and leveraging strategies and innovation for broad investment and impact
  • Brand Steward: Steward of the brand and understand his/her role in growing and protecting the reputation and results of the greater network
  • Visionary: Confronts the complex realities of the environment and simultaneously maintains faith in a different and better future, providing purpose, direction, and motivation
  • Team-Builder: First ensures that the right people are in the right roles at the right times; fostering commitment, trust and collaboration among multicultural leaders and stakeholders
  • Outward Turning: Understands the dynamics of local, regional, and national environments, and works on an agenda rooted in the community’s own perception of its needs and aspirations
  • Business Acumen: Possesses a high-level of broad business and management skills and is effective at generating financial support for the organization
  • Network-Oriented: Values of power of networks; striving to leverage United Way’s breadth of community presence, relationships, and strategy                        
  • Visionary-Confronts the complex realities of the environment and simultaneously maintains faith in a different and better future, providing purpose, direction and motivation.
  • Community Centered-Recognizes the value and Embraces the role of representing the United Way in the greater community. Understands the dynamics of local, regional, and national environments, and works on an agenda rooted in the communities own perception of its needs and aspirations.
  • Collaboration/Team Builder-Understands the roles and contributions of all sectors of the community and can mobilize resources (financial and human) through meaningful engagement. Fosters commitment, trust, collaboration among multicultural leaders and stakeholders.   

NOTE:  This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employees may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.