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Executive Director

Pine Grove Mills, PA, USA

Relocation expenses: Not paid

CEO/President/Executive Director
Full time
5 - 10 years of experience
Bachelor's Degree

Published on 29 Apr 2021

Expires on 29 Apr 2021

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Executive Director


The Executive Director is responsible and accountable to follow and enhance the strategic plan, manage day to day operations, encourage and engage staff, cultivate and maintain positive relationships with donors and volunteers and work closely with partner agencies to support programs funded by the Centre County United Way.

The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors and will align activities to meet financial goals, support programs that positively impact the community and promote the “Live United” branding in an ethical and trustworthy manner.

The scope of the position is broad, requiring significant relationships with persons at all levels in the community including the public, private, and volunteer sectors. These individuals include corporate chief executive officers, local governmental leaders, labor representatives, representatives of other United Way organizations (both regional and national), key planning organizations, and representatives of Partner Networks and all United Way constituencies.

1. Management and General 25%

  • Ensures that the business and financial affairs of the organization are conducted and reported in accordance with United Way Global Standards and only legally acceptable standards of business and regulatory agencies.
  • Develops effective, integrated support systems for the organization that include software solutions, volunteer training and procurement.
  • Identifies and develops applicable data into an integrated metrics management system that provides for actionable tactics that support overarching strategies as defined by the Board.
  • Ensures the identification, acquisition and security of applicable donor data to assist Campaign planners in determining the most effective fundraising approaches.
  • Explores and understands applicable data, data points and systems approaches to develop, inform and direct a metrics and data driven management culture.
  • Supervises preparation of the annual budget and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding salaries and merit increases.
  • In consultation with counsel, generates documents, agreements, and other written materials which support the work of the organization as needed.
  • Attends Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings and orients new Board members. Attends meetings of key committees as needed and appropriate.
  • Makes recommendations to the Human Resources (HR) Committee regarding changes and updates to job descriptions, employment policies, benefits updates, in accordance with current activities of United Way or the community. Functions as support staff to the HR Committee.
  • Discusses employment and personnel issues and concerns with the HR Committee Chair for awareness and consultation for problem-solving as appropriate.
  • Ensures that full time and part time paid staff is composed of competent, productive and engaged individuals working at utmost performance levels.
  • Provides staff with annual training opportunities when appropriate and within budget.
  • Advises volunteers and employees of effective management practices, and employment policies and assists them in developing sound policies and practices consistent with United Way standards. Recommends management plans and policies to the Board and implements Board decisions.
  • Supervises and directs staff in the performance of their duties; evaluates staff performance on an on-going basis and for annual performance reviews; provides overall management and direction for the human resource function of the organization.
  • Manages the CCUW workspace to assure compliance with risk management and standards of maintenance and cleanliness as applicable per local, state and federal laws;
  • Represents the CCUW in a positive and professional manner at all times;
  • Complies with all CCUW policies, directives and organizational core values;
  • Maintains all necessary or required licenses or accreditations common in the profession.
  • Supports and advocates for the Partner Network.

2. Community Impact/New Initiatives/Strategic Planning 10%

  • Tracks, measures and provides feedback to the Board on progress of meeting those strategic goals.
  • Presents and owns concept of Community Impact, Outcome Measurement (via data and metrics) to all audiences and constituencies as a way to enhance the effectiveness of United Way’s role as community innovator, resource and collaborator.
  • Identifies and presents new initiatives that are aligned and consistent with the strategic goals.

3. Fundraising/Development 25%

  • Plans with staff and campaign chair, the identification and recruitment of key campaign leadership. Assists chair in setting campaign goals and leads the campaign organization.
  • Directs and supervises development of all campaign support materials.
  • Assumes ownership of campaign goal and its successful conclusion.
  • Supervises, directs and/or oversees the training of all campaign volunteers.
  • Keeps staff and campaign leadership advised of best fundraising practices supported by data and metrics.
  • Conducts post mortems after the Campaign and oversees on-going evaluation of United Way fundraising programs for overall effectiveness of methods and of support materials.
  • Staff campaign units as needed and appropriate.
  • Staffs and produces or oversees the production of all special events and receptions held by individual groups.
  • Presents compelling presentations throughout the community and Penn State Main campus to raise funds and to increase awareness of United Way.
  • Attends fundraising events held on the organization’s behalf as invited and as available.

4. Funds Distribution/Admissions 10%

  • Assesses community needs and identifies appropriate roles for United Way in addressing them.
  • Constantly scans the environment for changes or emerging service needs, delivery systems, and population groups and advises volunteers on how best to address them.
  • Helps volunteers develop and implement acceptable plans for distribution of funds available for support of human service needs to achieve maximum community impact.
  • Assists staff and volunteer leadership in development of policies and procedures regarding agency accountability.
  • Researches and recommends better and more effective ways of assuring efficient delivery of quality services to people in need of them.
  • Enhances the capabilities and responsiveness of Partner Networks to effectively manage their organizations and collaborate effectively when needed.
  • Keeps informed of current and new developments in this area and advises volunteers.
  • Oversees, manages and/or assists in training of Funds Distribution volunteers.

5. Communications 10%

  • Collaborates with the Board Marketing Committee to ensure consistent messaging through all marketing channels.
  • Develops or oversees the development of a comprehensive and coordinated CCUW brand through all applicable marketing vehicles including social media, on-line, radio, TV, print, websites, presentations, coordinated marketing efforts and newsletters to heighten awareness of CCUW activities.
  • Oversees and participates in the development of marketing and campaign materials to enhance public awareness of CCUW’s vital role in the community.
  • Supervises staff and volunteers in development and implementation of all marketing programs. Attracts volunteer leadership to enrich this function.
  • Create a positive campaign showcasing Funds Distribution to agencies in support of particular programs.

6. Community/Government Relations 10%

  • Keeps the Board aware of the latest developments affecting the United Way in other United Ways or government actions.
  • Maintains relationships with local and state governmental officials.
  • Communicate regularly with elected officials at the local,county and state level to advise of human service issues and needs and to advocate for support when appropriate.
  • Participates in community events, task forces, and other activities to represent the United Way, offer support, and keep the United Way brand in the public’s mind as an active participant and supporter of activities to better the community.
  • Volunteers to serve on Boards of Directors of non-profits (which are not in the United Way Partner Network) or civic/community organizations to meet new constituencies, provide expertise and demonstrate United Way’s willingness to support all types of non-profit organizations. Serves ex-officio on the Board of Directors of Centre Foundation.

7. Diversity 10%

  • Actively recruit those in protected classes (minorities, vets, LGBTQ, women, persons with disabilities) and create a welcoming culture of inclusiveness for people to work, donate and volunteer to the Centre County United Way.
  • Seek our diversity training and learning opportunities for staff, board and partner agencies on a regular basis to build upon and instill a culture of inclusion.
  • Messages, communicates and publicly promotes the United Way diversity statement.
  • These job accountabilities are the main emphasis of the Executive Director. As with every other job in the United Way, it is not possible to define jobs precisely. Should the need exist, every person in the organization will assist in any way necessary to assure an efficient and cooperative environment.

SCHEDULE: Monday through Friday, evenings and weekend work required on a regular basis. Similar to any job, attendance is an essential function of this job. A flexible schedule and availability to attend events and/or meetings outside of traditional work days/ hours is also an essential function of the position.

1. Ability to direct staff, manage Partner Network relationships, gain support and confidence of broad cross-section of the community; possess strong communications and facilitation skills with the ability to positively motivate people.
2. Familiarity with non-profit fiscal management and reporting.
3. Comfortable with donor tracking software, preferably Raiser’s Edge.
4. Understanding of outcomes-based programming and evidence-based funding.
5. Proven record working with volunteers in a program and fundraising focused environment.
6. Experience leading collaborative responses to community issues.
7. Have a working knowledge of data and metrics and managing a data driven organization.

● Bachelors degree required, advanced degree or equivalent years of experience in development preferred.
● Minimum 5-10 years successful and progressive experience in fundraising, development, stewardship and non-profit management.
● United Way management experience preferred.

1. Must be independently able to travel to and from various work related functions.
2. Must provide own transportation and be able to enter and exit vehicles repetitively throughout the day.
3. Must be able to move, traverse, ascend and descend stairs for travel from meeting place to meeting place.
4. Must be able to be in stationary positions for long periods throughout the workday, with intermittent periods of moving, traversing, bending, twisting and reaching necessary to carry out job duties.
5. Must be able to cope with the physical and mental stress of multi-tasking, attention to detail and meeting deadlines.
6. Must be able to pay close attention to details and concentrate on work in a fast-paced, shared work environment.

Centre County United Way (CCUW) is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to programs, facilities, admission and employment without regard to personal characteristics not related to ability, performance, or qualifications as determined by CCUW policy or by state or federal authorities. It is the policy of CCUW to maintain a work environment free of discrimination, including harassment. CCUW prohibits discrimination and harassment against any person because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status. Discrimination or harassment against employees will not be tolerated by CCUW.