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Executive Director

Midlothian, TX, USA

Relocation expenses: Not paid

CEO/President/Executive Director
Full time
1 - 2 years of experience
Bachelor's Degree
$51,000 to $60,000 per year

Published on 4 Sep 2020

Expires on 4 Sep 2020

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Executive Director


About the United Way of West Ellis County
For over 72 years, the United Way of West Ellis County (UWWEC) has been a driving force to get lasting results for Ellis County, TX. We believe in the power of unity to create lasting change, whether it’s by encouraging innovation or giving existing organizations the ability to do more, we won’t stop until the job is complete. Bold goals are set for our local community and progress is measured to ensure we’re achieving the goals, together. Our focus on education, income and health means we provide both short-term relief and long-term solutions to create lasting change.



Responsible for the overall direction, management and effectiveness of the organization and must be mission-focused, relationship oriented, a collaborator, results driven, and leadership focused. Provide strategic direction and guidance to the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers in order to maximize resource development, ensure community impact and build on United Way’s value in the community. Set the highest standard for the United Way brand and continually ensure the accountability of the operational and fiscal integrity of the organization.  Foster commitment, trust and collaboration within the organization and with the organization’s stakeholders.  Appointed and employed by the Board of Directors.


I.  Leadership Responsibilities

  • Responsible for promoting the public awareness, understanding, acceptance, and support of United Way’s mission, goals and objectives among the various internal and external audiences with which United Way interacts.
  • Represents the United Way of West Ellis County (UWWEC) at meetings, seminars, conferences, functions and speaking engagements, presenting a professional image and advocating for impact of the organization.

  • Requires a flexible schedule in order to attend events that may occur in the early morning, evening and weekends.

  • Acts as a communications resource, providing year-round visibility for UWWEC with all those with whom he/she interacts.

  • Develops partnerships with other United Ways, not for profit organizations, agency leaders and other organizations.

  • Monitors major changes in the marketplace, both philanthropic and economic, and provides strategic direction. 

  • Ensures a process is in place for community dialogue and interaction in order to know and understand the community needs and develop appropriate strategies for collaboration around those needs and priorities.

  • Ensures that all staff work together to achieve the goals of UWWEC.

  • Provides for Board development and works with the Board to develop and implement the strategic plan for the organization.

  • Acts on behalf of the organization, providing supervision for staff members including the assignment of work responsibilities, the assessment of competency, the timely writing and delivery of performance appraisals and salary increases and participation in the hiring process, and makes recommendations to terminate employment relationships as may be necessary.

II.  Administration & Management

  • Presents the annual budget in December, ensures systems of control and financial accounting that meet all United Way Worldwide requirements, AICPA standards and those of all regulatory bodies.

  • Ensures the employment and retention of competent and effective United Way staff and provides for their continued professional development, in compliance with all applicable employment laws/rules.

  • Updates, establishes and executes the organizational plans, policies and procedures necessary for the effective operation of United Way of West Ellis County

III.  Relationships with Governing Bodies

  • Keeps the Board of Directors aware of issues/trends affecting the organization and suggests programs/policies which will keep the organization responsive.

  • Acts as an agent of the Board of Directors as designated.

  • Develops and ensures for key leadership continuity.

  • Provides for Board assessment and development.

IV.  Community Investment and Community Relations

  • With the Allocations committee, ensures the development and implementation of an efficient and equitable system for the distribution of the funds available for support of community investment strategies.

  • Ensures a year-round system designed to maximize effectiveness and ensure accurate reporting from partner organizations in the delivery of funded services and initiatives through measurable outcomes. 

  • Maintains and encourages open lines of communication with United Way funded partner organizations.

  • Promotes coordinated research and planning among various local organizations to meet local community needs.

  • Fosters cooperative relationships with area funding/planning bodies, including governmental agencies and other United Ways.

  • Networks in local civic organizations to act as spokesperson for United Way of West Ellis County. 

V.  Fundraising

  • Resource Development and Marketing, develops current and new programs/strategies that will maximize fundraising results.

  • Ensures accuracy and accountability in the reporting of fundraising results.

  • Seeks and manages grant funding opportunities to meet the priorities and initiatives of United Way of West Ellis County and the community.

  • Seeks and manages sponsorships and special events in order to generate revenue to support the initiatives of the organization.

  • Seeks and manages a diverse revenue stream.

VI.  Communications and Media Relations

  • Ensures that the United Way brand is positively presented in the community and across the region.

  • Ensures the development, implementation, and evaluation of an ongoing program of communications designed to both speak and listen to all significant segments of the community.

  • Ensures the regular assessment of community attitude toward the organization.

  • Represents the policies, procedures and attitudes of the organization to the media, government, community leadership, and other community groups.

VII.  Volunteer Development Responsibilities

  • Maintain & promote - online volunteer platform managed by UWWEC.

  • Targets and cultivates new sources of volunteer leadership throughout the community.

  • Develops effective Board and Board committee volunteers by recruiting and selecting, training, coaching, and assessing performance.

  • Works to ensure a centralized and consistent system for community volunteer days (MLK Day of Service & Day of Action), volunteer recruitment and retention.



  • Professional experience in administration, communications, development, fund raising, fund distribution and volunteer recruitment.

  • Demonstrated ability to provide strategic, collaborative and innovative leadership.

  • Demonstrated skills in relationship building, developing partnerships and building teams.

  • Experience with initiating and leading strategic planning and implementation.

  • Experience in effectively managing the financial health of an organization.

  • Superior presentation, communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Initiative, self-discipline and the ability to work without supervision, while supervising and motivating others.

  • Experience in building and growing a diversified revenue portfolio.

  • Ability to work effectively with community leaders, donors and corporate partners demonstrating a blend of leadership presence and cooperative work style.  

  • Experience with utilization of data and community input to determine priorities for community needs.

  • A compelling commitment to the philanthropic sector and to the betterment of the quality of life for residents in Ellis County.  

  • Ability to gain and maintain the support and confidence of a broad and diverse community leadership.

  • A demonstrated commitment to honesty and integrity.



To fulfill the responsibilities of the position, travel to various companies and/or agencies andmeetings is required. Must have valid driver’s license and availability of a motor vehicle.vvOccasional overnight travel may also be required.



Bachelor’s degree and minimum of 1-3 years of successful and progressive experience in United Way or similar field.



Expertise in nonprofit management, including financial management, human resources and strategic planning. Broad knowledge of human services systems, including an understanding of social service policies and programs and United Way operations as well as an understanding of resource development strategies. Knowledge of community political, social, business and economic factors, group processes and volunteerism strategies.


Small office with one other team member.   Must have initiative, self-discipline and the ability to work without supervision 



Successful candidates will be expected to already live in, or relocate to, Ellis County.  Office is located in Midlothian, TX




  •  Mission-Focused: Catalyze others’ commitment to mission to create real social change that leads to better lives and healthier communities.  This drives their performance and professional motivations.
  •  Relationship-Oriented: Understands that people come before process and is astute in cultivating and managing relationships toward a common goal.
  • Collaborator: understands the roles and contributions of all sectors of the community and can mobilize resources (financial and human) through meaningful engagement.
  • Results-Driven: Dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the common good; creating, resourcing, scaling, and leveraging strategies and innovations for broad investment and impact.
  • Brand Steward: Steward of the brand and understands his/her role in growing and protecting the reputation and results of the greater network.