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Executive Director

Defiance, OH

Relocation expenses: Not paid

CEO/President/Executive Director
Full time
5 - 10 years of experience

Published on 8 Sep 2020

Expires on 2 Oct 2020

Executive Director


This position provides direction and support to the Board of Directors and works in partnership with the United Way agencies, coalition partners and community to fulfill United Way of Defiance County’s mission and vision to best support Defiance County by representing the community relations and carry out the mission of the United Way.  The position is responsible for the financial management and office operations of Defiance County United Way.

The position requires strong community advocacy and the ability to negotiate, collaborate, and foster relationships with persons at all levels in the public, private, and voluntary sectors. The incumbent has a direct working relationship with the President and Committee Chairpersons and a reporting relationship to the Board of Directors. The Executive Director supervises the activities of the office personnel and volunteers.  The position requires a flexible work schedule, availability to work some evenings and weekend, and involves minimal travel. 

POSITION SUMMARY: The Executive Director reports to the United Way of Defiance County (UWDC) Board of Directors. The position provides the leadership, training, and strategies to execute the policies and objectives set by the Board of Directors.  Establishes and trains a network of staff and volunteers with the objective of maximizing the organization’s fundraising capabilities. Is responsible for the overall management of fund raising, communications, planning, allocations, and administrative activities of the UWDC.  Provides leadership and support to the staff and volunteers. Manages and oversees the day-to-day operation of the organization.  Coordinates and administers all budget allocation activities. Develops and maintains an effective working relationship with all partner agencies. Is the face of the UWDC.  Carries out directives established by the Board of Directors. Develops and implements policies and procedures with the approval of the Board of Directors.  

RESPONSIBLE TO: The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors.


Board Development and Management:

  • Assists the Board of Directors and Committees with direction in matters of policy formulation, interpretation and implementation; long and short-range goal setting and planning; as well as to assist in securing and retaining high quality volunteer leadership for UWDC.
  • Keeps the Board of Directors informed of United Way office activities and needs, progress towards goals, affiliate agencies’ status, background on agenda items, and national trends. Keeps organization compliant with United Way Worldwide.
  • Works with the President and Committee Chairpersons in planning meetings, preparing agendas, setting schedules, preparing minutes and providing relevant information.
  • Supervises all office operations including: maintaining written job descriptions for each position, staff hiring, training and supervision; and the management of time, space and equipment resources.
  • Financial management including: assisting in development and monitoring of the operating budget; payments to vendors and member agencies; oversight of financial control policies; maintenance of financial records; preparation of audit; and timely payment and filing of payroll and other taxes and reports.


  • Plans the annual UWDC campaign, setting annual goal jointly with Board of Directors.
  • Responsible for meeting and/or exceeding fund-raising goals as established by the board.
  • Manages and coordinates day-to-day support operations of the annual campaign including: volunteer recruitment and training; scheduling; special events; promotion; preparation of materials; solicitations and presentations; and donor acknowledgement.
  • Maintains campaign records, reports and statistics for fundraising activities.
  • Provides advice and administrative support to the Board in all fundraising activities.
  • Analyzes and evaluates campaign results as a means of improving future campaigns.
  • Develops personal contacts and cultivates current and potential donors, corporations and foundations. Keeps donors informed of progress and significant accomplishments.
  • Uses sound management procedures, in accordance with the principles of UWDC, to ensure efficient solicitation, collection and record keeping, including campaign pledges and payments.
  • Solicits contributions from corporations, individuals and foundations for campaign, event sponsorships, program sponsorships and other fundraising efforts, as needed.
  • Prepares grant proposals when applicable.
  • Develop strategies to meet fundraising goals.

Community Impact Allocations

  • Ensures that a sound Community Investment Allocation process is followed.
  • Oversees allocations process by announcing fund availability, distributing applications, and coordinating volunteer review of applications.
  • Provides technical assistance to agencies, staff and volunteers, and UWDC volunteers regarding allocation processes and operations.
  • Provides leadership in providing the UWDC services desired by the community such as needs assessments, information and referral services, and input on special projects.
  • Develops a sound working relationship with the Directors of partner organizations by providing consultation regarding their services and programs, budgets, inter-agency cooperation and current community needs.
  • Monitors agency activity to ensure that the UWDC funds are used as intended.
  • Maintains cooperative relationships with other United Way organizations.
  • Positions UWDC as a partner in community building ventures to improve the quality of life in Defiance County.

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Promotes public understanding and support of human service needs and programs by representing UWDC in community activities by: using the media effectively; directing year-round public relations programs.
  • Develops and implements media strategy, including social media and website.
  • Develops campaign materials including: pledge form, impact report, video and electronic media.

Other duties as mutually agreed upon by the Executive Director and Board.



All United Way employees recognize that the organization’s top priority is to create real social change that improves lives and changes community conditions. This drives their performance and motivations.


All United Way employees are responsible for cultivating and managing relationships, fostering an atmosphere of trust, while taking a collaborative approach to addressing issues. 


All United Way employees are accountable for achieving individual performance goals in support of organizational goals.


All United Way employees are stewards of the brand and understand their role in protecting the reputation of the organization.

 Continuous Learning

All United Way employees demonstrate a desire to acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform effectively.

 Critical Thinking

All United Way employees have the ability to think critically and to solve problems using basic research, analysis and interpretation.

 Professional Behavior

All United Way employees conduct themselves in a professional manner and follow organizational guidelines and standards.

Similar non-profit organizations experience preferred but not required.

United Way of Defiance County is an Equal Opportunity Employer