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Executive Director

Quincy, IL

Relocation expenses: Not paid

CEO/President/Executive Director
Full time
5 - 10 years of experience
High School Diploma
Bachelor's Degree

Published on 3 Jan 2020

Expires on 3 Jan 2020

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Executive Director

Basic Job Summary:

The Executive Director provides visionary leadership to the organization to achieve community impact. This position reports to the Board of Directors and works with the Board and its committees, partner organizations, CEOs, government leaders, key members of communities, and other constituencies to advance the organization's mission and goals. The Executive Director builds relationships with key constituencies, ensures complex resource development, and maintains accountability for the overall operational and fisca I integrity of the organization. The Executive Director also provides direct supervision to the professional staff.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Community Engagement and Vision

  1. Build strong working relationships with existing and emerging community leadersĀ  and people of influence in communities of interest.
  2. Recognize and build upon UW relationships with the private, public and nonprofit sectors in engaging, informing and building a community vision for improving lives.
  3. Assure involvement of diverse groups who represent communities within the UW of Adams County service area in both the planning and implementation of community impact work.
  4. Create an environment that welcomes and supports the participation of all people who want and value the opportunity to work together.
  5. Establish a leadership role in community planning efforts for crisis events and collaborations for crisis response.
  6. Build a shared community vision that identifies priority issues, assets and aspirations to advance the common good.
  7. Engage board, staff and community in setting public policy priorities to support UW of Adams County's community impact goals.

Impact Strategies, Resources and Results

  1. Work with staff and community leadership to develop a comprehensive framework for impacting selected priority issues, identifying the lasting changes sought and the specific strategies needed.
  2. Identify United Way's role in community impact work where it has the greatest potential and ability to make a difference.
  3. Ensure that community impact strategies are packaged as products that can be marketed and linked to community and donor aspirations.
  4. Build quality relationships with traditional and non-traditional partners around priority community issues, shared strategies and corresponding resource development.
  5. Establish a culture of shared accountability with partner organizations.
  6. Whether leading or participating in a project or collaboration, ensure that United Way of Adams County provides effective, clear and regular communication among all partners about relevant activities and results.
  7. Support the development and implementation of a flexible multi-year resource development plan that identifies impact goals/strategies, includes key market segments, and ensures a balanced and diverse revenue base from multiple sources.
  8. Develop personal relationships with major donors/investors to facilitate the linking of their interests and aspirations with United Way investment products that improve lives.
  9. Utilize and leverage technology to provide information to key constituencies, improve services, garner resources and achieve and measure results.
  10. Provide for quality investments in a service continuum, from basic direct service to prevention to system change or community education, to affect root causes and create desired results.
  11. Champion outcome measurement and evaluation of external and internal programs funded by United Way of Adams County.

Relationship Building and Brand Management

  1. Foster an organizational culture that supports the building of donor relationships that increase loyalty and convert ambivalence or inertia to passionate support of the United Way of Adams County mission.
  2. Build accountability for relationship building and brand management into job descriptions, performance reviews and rewards.
  3. Create a consistent positive brand experience for corporate and individual investors and key partners.
  4. Foster efforts to measure and strengthen trust, favorability and the likelihood of volunteer and investor support as well as growth in the number of opportunities where UW can give voice to important community issues.

Community and Organizational Leadership

  1. Ensure alignment of all organizational activities with the board-approved mission and provide for a periodic review of that mission by board and staff.
  2. Promote staff and board understanding of the mission and their role in fulfilling it.
  3. Establish, implement and periodically update a comprehensive strategic plan subject to the approval and direction of the Board.
  4. Provide visible, active and effective leadership for achieving community impact and organizational goals.
  5. Model and champion United Way of Adams County's core values inside and outside the organization, ensuring congruence between values and actions.
  6. Align resources to produce desired community impact around chosen issues.
  7. Ensure that the organization as a whole, and individual staff, board members and volunteers, pursue all activities with integrity and in an ethical manner.
  8. Engage board members within their spheres of influence for the commitment, resources and involvement needed to achieve organizational and community goals.
  9. Support flexible and pragmatic working relationships between board and staff members to achieve organizational and community goals.
  10. Conduct a periodic self-assessment of board effectiveness at both group and individual levels.
  11. Ensure that all departmental and individual work plans are congruent with, and establish accountability for, community impact and organizational goals.
  12. Cultivate an organizational culture committed to innovation, inclusiveness, continuous learning and improvement.
  13. Facilitate the development, growth and succession of talent in the staffing of United Way of Adams County.
  14. Manage relationships with other United Ways in the region, the state association and United Way Worldwide, fostering a high level of trust, information exchange and mutual help.
  15. Establish regional or statewide partnerships or collaborations with other local United Ways when appropriate.
  16. Ensure that United Way of Adams County meets the membership requirements as established by United Way of America.
  17. Conduct employee evaluations at least once annually.
  18. Lead regular meetings of the senior management team and of the United Way staff.


  1. Maintain accountability for the overall operational and fiscal integrity of the organization within the policies set by the board of directors.
  2. Ensure that United Way provides high-quality and cost-effective staff support for all core business functions including community engagement, impact strategies, resource development and mobilization, donor marketing and solicitation, donor management systems, pledge capture, pledge processing and distribution, donation tracking and customer relationship management.
  3. Ensure that United Way provides high-quality and cost-effective staff support for all non-core business functions, including human resource administration, facility management, finance, risk management and information technology.