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Early Head Start Center Aide

Lafayette, LA

Relocation expenses: Not paid

Entry Level
Part time
no work experience required
High School Diploma
Less than $20,000 per year

Published on 1 Sep 2020

Expires on 31 Aug 2020

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Early Head Start Center Aide

Basic Job Summary:

The Center Aide (CA) is responsible for working with all United Way Early Head Start, Early Learning Center staff to better meet the needs of Early Head Start children and their families as prescribed by the Head Start Performance Standards. The Center Aide is responsible for communicating effectively with infants, toddlers, their parents and other staff. The Center Aide provides high-quality, nurturing care to infants and toddlers enrolled in the UW-EHS program in the timeline mandated by the Head Start Performance Standards to properly address the developmental needs of infants and toddlers.


Areas of Responsibility:


Programmatic / Operational

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of or ability to understand Head Start Performance Standards policies and procedures.
  2. Maintains an open, friendly, and cooperative relationship with each child and family.
  3. Promotes feelings of security and trust in infants and toddlers.
  4. Greets infants and their parents warmly and with enthusiasm each morning and afternoon.
  5. Assures that each infant is held and each child is gradually assisted to become a part of a small group of four.
  6. Talks, sings, and reads to infants frequently.
  7. Responds quickly in a soothing and tender manner to infants’ cries or calls of distress.
  8. Responds consistently to infant’s needs for food and comfort.
  9. Maintains a safe, clean, care-giving environment, practices good personal hygiene and hand washing, and assures the well-being and safety of all the children in that environment.
  10. Provides for physical safety of each child from arrival time until departure time.
  11. Establishes a caring, professional relationship and a climate of mutual trust and respect for families.
  12. Follows the Head Start Performance Standards, all UW-EHS policies and procedures, and the UW-EHS written plan work.
  13. Maintains discipline and supervision of children during all Head Start activities as outlined in UW-EHS Discipline Policies and Procedures.
  14. Assures that child- staff ratios are maintained at all times.
  15. Monitors children on the playground to assure safe and appropriate play as well as the safety and cleanliness of the equipment. Assures that all children are visible at all times.
  16. Responds to crisis or emergency situations that may occur by providing First Aid or CPR, preventing the spread of blood borne pathogens, and assessing the need for emergency services.
  17. Protects all children from physical punishment or verbal abuse by anyone in any program activity, and immediately reports any such incident to the UW-EHS Center Director or person in charge.
  18. Observes children to detect signs of illness, injury, emotional disturbances, learning disorders, speech problems, or other special needs and reports those signs immediately to the UW- EHS Center Director for needed follow-up.
  19. Observes children for any suspected or disclosed signs of child abuse or child neglect and reports them immediately to the UW-EHS Center Director or person in charge in accordance with the UW-EHS Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting Policy and Procedures.
  20. Responsible for cleaning and general maintenance of classroom.
  21. Participates in meetings and attends all trainings as required.
  22. Recruit and engage supporters to ensure the program secures required federal in-kind match.
  23. Performs any other job related tasks deemed necessary.


Job Classification:     


Part Time

Tier One (2) Personnel



Minimum of High School Diploma



One year of experience in an early childhood program serving infants and toddlers in a developmentally appropriate environment.



Core Competencies:                                    Foundational Competencies:

  • Knowledge of early childhood education
  • Strategic planning
  • Critical thinking
  • Organizational development
  • Personnel management
  • Time management
  • Solutions oriented in achieving their performance goals 



  • Is results-oriented
  • Facilitates teamwork
  • Uses a strengths-based approach
  • Manages performance
  • Embraces diversity and inclusiveness
  • Understands evaluation and measurement



Requirements before Hire:

  1. Proof and maintenance of a valid driver’s license.
  2. Proof and maintenance of vehicle insurance and reliable transportation.
  3. Must be able to provide a written statement of good health, to include TB test result, signed by a physician prior 1st working day of employment.
  4. Must be able to provide documentation of a satisfactory criminal record check prior to offer of employment.