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Director, Transformation & Learning

New York, NY

Relocation expenses: Not paid

Full time
3 - 5 years of experience

Published on 31 Mar 2021

Expires on 31 Mar 2021

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Director, Transformation & Learning

Position Title: Director, Transformation & Learning
Reports to: VP, Transformation & Learning


Organization Summary: United Way of New York City (UWNYC) is a nonprofit mobilizing people and organizations to eradicate barriers and create opportunities that improve the lives of low-income New Yorkers. Part of the United Way Worldwide system, one of the world's most recognized charitable brands, we envision caring communities in which all individuals and families have access to quality education and the opportunity to lead healthy and financially secure lives. We strive to model our values in all our relationships, both internal and external: Collaboration, Compassion, Integrity, Accountability, and Superior Performance.


Position Description:

The Transformation and Learning Director is responsible for integrating structured learning activities into the design and implementation of community-facing initiatives. A major focus of the Director’s work will include supporting a network of partners working on criminal justice initiatives, within the newly emerged Justice and Opportunity Unit. The Director will also be expected to provide support for other initiatives. UWNYC’s learning model helps stakeholders embrace a learning mindset, an equity mindset, and a network mindset in order to strengthen outcomes and accelerate change. The Director supports teams composed of internal and external stakeholders by (a) designing and embedding opportunities for ongoing learning into community-facing initiatives, (b) building capacity of staff and partners to center equity in learning practices and use data for decision-making, and (c) elevating insights learned from community initiatives. As part of the Transformation & Learning (T&L) unit, the Director also will assist in supporting organization-wide learning activities and helping UWNYC staff draw on lessons learned from community initiatives to inform strategy and decision-making.


Job Responsibilities:


Design and embed opportunities for ongoing learning into community-facing initiatives

The Director will primarily support a criminal justice initiative, grounded in evidence-based practices, to achieve improved public safety and community well-being across for young people with justice involvement across New York City. The Director will also play a key role in the support of learning among teams composed of UWNYC staff and implementation partners, including community-based organizations, schools, and government partners, technical assistance providers, and others.

Additionally, the Director will also provide support, to a varying extent, for initiatives across a range of issue areas, including education, hunger and wellness, and economic mobility. The Director will apply an equity mindset to the design and implementation of learning practices. Furthermore, the Director supports a focus on results by facilitating adoption of Results-Based Accountability (RBA) practices.

Specifically, the Director will:

  • Support the Justice and Opportunity Unit in its implementation of Atlas, a criminal justice initiative, with a focus on building capacity and enhancing engagement among community-based organizations (CBOs), providers, and their communities in learning practices that advance data-informed decision making
  • Collaboratively define a learning agenda for community-facing initiatives, facilitate learning opportunities such as data review sessions, before- and after-action reviews, project and team retrospectives, and peer-assisted problem-solving sessions
  • Provide resources and supports to enable implementation partners to articulate shared goals, disaggregate data, identify key performance measures, and regularly use data for decision-making and improvement
  • Design and facilitate learning communities, including engaging key stakeholders, collaboratively developing a learning arc, leading sessions, and building stakeholders’ capacity for coming together to learn and experiment
  • Provide the necessary expertise, tools, and resources to support ongoing learning and continuous improvement


Build capacity of staff and partners to center equity in learning practices and use data for decision-making

The Director supports teams in building skills and adopting behaviors that center equity in learning and evaluative practices. The Director helps UWNYC staff and networks of community partners build a shared understanding of racial equity-focused Results-Based Accountability frameworks and practices.  Specifically, the Director will:

  • Build authentic, trusting relationships with implementation partners to make it possible to have honest conversations and use data transparently  
  • Engage implementation partners in a range of activities that bring a focus on racial equity in data analysis, such as disaggregating community-level data, mapping racial and ethnic disparities, analyzing root causes of existing inequities, and assessing the extent to which programmatic efforts advance equity goals
  • Support inclusive community engagement in data analysis, and adopt data and learning practices that are most likely to benefit communities of color experiencing inequitable outcomes
  • Assess current learning practices, develop training sessions to strengthen learning, equity, and learning mindsets, and leverage support of external consultants, when needed, to deliver training and supports


Elevate insights learned from community initiatives

The Director will support UWNYC staff and community initiative implementation partners in capturing and synthesizing lessons learned, supporting evaluations, and ensuring that insights are shared with diverse stakeholders to lift up promising strategies for achieving improved outcomes and equity goals. Specifically, the Director will:

  • Support UWNYC programmatic staff, community members and implementation partners in co-designing and conducting evaluations of community initiatives, ensuring that equity is integrated in evaluation approaches
  • Coordinate with internal and external partners to document insights, stories, and lessons learned, and lift up promising practices and strategies that are most likely to shift underlying systematic drivers of inequity
  • Collaborate with program and communications staff to design and execute strategies for sharing insights with communities and other stakeholders via impact convenings, reports, webinars, and so on
  • Share relevant data and insights with UWNYC leadership and staff to drive strategic decision-making, and embed learning and evaluation processes for organization-wide initiatives
  • Lift up lessons learned with external partners ranging from community partners, to government partners, to business leaders, to United Way Worldwide network, to other collective impact leaders, etc.


Personal Leadership

Inspire the trust and confidence of others, which includes community members, external implementation partners, staff, and other stakeholders with whom the role interacts. Engage external partners and staff in learning sessions, trainings on equity and results-based accountability, use of data and insights about what works. As needed, align with external partners and/or consultants in executing learning goals. The position requires the ability to collaborate with a diverse team of professionals, facilitate meetings, and promote practices of evaluation, learning and data analysis that advance racial equity.


Skills, Knowledge & Experience

  • Experience with designing or implementing evaluations that are in service of and contribute to equity, preferably in the fields of criminal justice, education, hunger and wellness, or economic mobility
  • Knowledge of adult learning theory, equitable evaluation principles, and continuous improvement frameworks and methods
  • Familiarity with results-based accountability and experience developing and tracking performance measures for community initiatives
  • 3 or more years of experience leading learning communities and facilitating learning and reflective practices
  • Proven ability to share data with partners and community in formats that appeal to various stakeholders and audiences
  • Ability to facilitate data-driven inquiry and coach multi-organizational teams to advance group learning and continuous improvement
  • Ability to engage multi-cultural participants, and bridge differences to develop strong, trusting relationships
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Strong competency with basic software applications (Microsoft Office Suite) required


  • Accountability
  • Brand Steward
  • Collaboration
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Mission-Focused
  • Relationship Oriented
  • Service Orientation
  • Superior Performance
  • Business Acumen & Strategic Direction
  • Creates Strategy-Driven Metrics & Accountabilities
  • Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving
  • Effective & Engaging Communicator
  • Embracing & Managing Change
  • Planning & Execution