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Director of Community Research

Albuquerque, NM

Relocation expenses: Not paid

Full time
5 - 10 years of experience
Master's Degree

Published on 13 Feb 2021

Expires on 13 Feb 2021

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Director of Community Research


Headquartered in Albuquerque, United Way of Central New Mexico (UWCNM) serves the people of four counties:  Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, Valencia.  Its mission is to bring people and resources together to measurably improves lives and strengthen our communities.  UWCNM brings together donors, businesses, nonprofits, government, and others to create better solutions to our community’s challenges.  Our programs and donor dollars ensure that individuals and families in Central New Mexico have the opportunity to achieve potential through education, that they are healthy and safe, are financially stable and live life with dignity.


Under the direction of the Chief Impact Officer (CIO) of United Way of Central New Mexico (UWCNM), the Director of Community Research will have primary responsibility within the organization for assessing the impact of UWCNM’s mission-aligned initiatives and providing strategic recommendations to UWCNM senior staff and volunteer leadership about ways in which these efforts might be strengthened and improved to achieve our goals.


To that end, the role of the Director of Community Research is to develop and implement a research-based framework for assessing impact across all of UWCNM’s impact initiatives, including Mission: Graduate, Mission: Families, and the Community Investment Fund; to oversee collection, analysis, and management of data pertaining to these partnerships and programs; to develop and implement strategies to promote and facilitate a culture of continuous project improvement among UWCNM’s staff and community of partners; to produce regular reports and data visualizations that can be used to promote and strengthen the work of UWCNM; to evaluate the efficacy of UWCNM’s strategic initiatives and make recommendations for improvement; and to provide research and data analytical outputs to the Vision Councils of Mission: Families and Mission: Graduate and other community-based volunteer groups, as needed.

The Director of Community Research will supervise a research team, which is currently contracted through the University of New Mexico Cradle to Career Policy Institute and support the contractual arrangement. Finally, the Director of Community Research will work as part of a leadership team within UWCNM’s Impact Department. Under the leadership of the CIO, this team will coordinate activities across Mission: Graduate, Mission: Families, the Community Investment Fund, and other programs of UWCNM to advance the organization’s Board-approved Cradle to Career Impact Agenda.  In addition, UWCNM has a strong commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and is seeking a Director of Community Research who will contribute to this cross-functional organizational initiative and uphold the following values:

  • We value the visible and invisible qualities that make you who you are.
  • We welcome that every person brings a unique perspective and experience to advance our mission and progress our fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community.
  • We believe that each United Way community member, donor, volunteer, advocate, and employee must have equal access to solving community problems.
  • We strive to include diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of our daily work.
  • We commit to using these practices for our business and our communities.



  • Self-starter, flexible to respond to emerging needs, highly motivated, and able to work with minimal supervision.
  • Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in education, public health, family studies, or nonprofit organizational settings.
  • Knowledge of continuous quality improvement processes and methodology.
  • Supervisory skills.
  • Group facilitation skills.
  • Effective written and oral communication skills, including a demonstrated ability to present research findings to both technical and lay audiences, in both private and public settings.
  • Effective project management skills, including the ability to develop clear project plans and timelines, communicate with project partners and stakeholders, and monitor progress to meet agreed deadlines.
  • Technology proficient, especially in designing and producing work products and plans and utilizing data systems to track population-level indicators and performance measures.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team with a diverse group of individuals.
  • Ability to provide high-quality customer service and to build and maintain collaborative and productive working relationships with a wide array of cross-sector partners and stakeholders.



  • Research Lead for UWCNM Impact Initiatives – Mission: Graduate & Mission: Families
    • Coordinate regular data collection from Mission: Graduate and Mission: Families partners and produce an annual impact report for each initiative (or a combined report).
    • Develop and cultivate relationships with community stakeholders, including local educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other partners.
    • Develop and maintain a continuous quality improvement (CQI) strategy and plan for projects, programs, and initiatives associated with Mission: Graduate and Mission: Families, including developing performance measures, collecting data, producing data briefs at the end of each Plan-Do-Study-Adjust (PDSA) cycle, and presenting findings to stakeholders to inform next steps.
    • Design quantitative and qualitative research plans for Mission: Graduate and Mission: Families projects, programs, and initiatives, utilizing a variety of instruments, including surveys, in-depth interviews, observational tools, focus groups, and administrative data.
    • Design and conduct “root cause” analysis research to inform the development of projects, programs, and initiatives.
    • Coach, facilitate, and provide technical assistance to Mission: Graduate and Mission: Families project teams (and other partners, as needed) to achieve objectives and complete deliverables.
    • Stay current on recent research pertaining to Mission: Graduate and Mission: Families focus areas, including research on best practices, policy, and successful examples of community-based change from other communities.
    • Attend, and present at Mission: Graduate and Mission: Families meetings, as needed.
    • Present research findings in private and public settings.


  • Research Lead for UWCNM Impact Initiatives – Community Investment Fund
    • Compile an annual report, in collaboration with the Director of Community Investments, detailing performance outcomes of UWCNM grantees.
    • Advise grantmaking staff on the development of performance measures for all grants.
    • Provide trainings to UWCNM grantees to develop their capacity to make better use of data in their programs and organization.


  • Data Stewardship
    • Oversee data management and establish shared standard operating procedures for all data, research, and continuous improvement functions.
    • Develop and maintain data sharing agreements and memorandums of agreement with external partners.
    • Maintain an online data dashboard for sharing publicly accessible data.
    • Provide recommendations to UWCNM management about the development of data systems to help us better measure the impact of our Impact Agenda activities.
    • Collaborate with IT staff to ensure that these data systems are coordinated (or integrated) with other UWCNM systems.


  • Contractual Relations (UNM)
    • Review contract budgets, through monthly reviews with fiscal monitor.
    • Submit data documentation and follow management procedures per the UNM Office of Sponsored Program guidelines.
    • Maintain software and databases according to the UNM Information Security and Privacy Office guidelines.
    • Update and maintain all MOUs and IRBs with sensitive data.
    • Collaborate with the UNM Primary Investigator of the contract.


  • Leadership & Operational Management
    • Assign and supervise the daily work of the Impact Team community research staff and provide regular performance feedback.
    • Participate in regular meetings of the Impact Leadership Team.
    • Provide input into the development of funding proposals and grant reports.
    • As a member of UWCNM’s Impact Leadership Team, ensure that the work of the partnership aligns with the stated goals of UWCNM and coordinate activities with other Impact staff and initiatives to ensure the success of the Impact Agenda.


  • Other duties as assigned




  • Master’s or higher-level degree in a related field (e.g., social sciences, education, public health, family studies).
  • Five or more years of experience in designing and carrying out research and/or evaluation projects, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research designs, in education or nonprofit organizational settings. The successful candidate should demonstrate, through prior experience, a deep breadth of research competencies, including but not limited to:
    • Survey design & implementation,
    • Focus group facilitation,
    • In-depth interviewing,
    • Observation,
    • Statistical analysis,
    • Data analysis & visualization,
    • Data stewardship, and
    • Literature reviews and report writing.
  • Two or more years of experience utilizing continuous quality improvement (CQI) processes and methodology.
  • Experience supervising staff and leading research teams.
  • Proficiency in all Microsoft Office products.
  • Must be able to work occasional early mornings, evenings, and weekends to attend a variety of events.
  • Must have access to a reliable form of transportation to attend offsite meetings, as needed.



  • Knowledge of and experience applying Results-Based Accountability in education or nonprofit or organizational settings.
  • Experience designing Tableau data dashboards.



Standard PC based office equipment.



Standard office environment, position is primarily an office setting, requiring long periods of sitting at a desk and computer.  The position requires the ability to lift 20 pounds unassisted, 40 pounds with assistance. 


To apply, please forward your resume and cover letter to