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Data Entry Specialist

Holland, MI

Relocation expenses: Not paid

Entry Level
Full time
1 - 2 years of experience
Bachelor's Degree
Associate Degree
$31,000 to $40,000 per year

Published on 24 Sep 2021

Expires on 24 Sep 2021

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Data Entry Specialist


Greater Ottawa County United Way (GOCUW) is a nonprofit with a mission to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of community to advance the common good. Part of the United Way Worldwide system, one of the world's most recognized charitable brands, we envision a community in which all individuals achieve their full potential.  Greater Ottawa County United Way supports, develops, and implements a range of impact solutions that improve lives and create stronger communities.


The Data Entry Specialist works closely with the Chief Financial Officer and Finance Director to prepare for and during the annual campaign by providing accurate reports of partner companies, agencies and community leaders. The position ensures that the data entry process is completed in a timely manner, accurately and efficiently. The Specialist assists the CFO and Finance Director with monthly accounting activities as requested.



  1. To maintain the software systems at a level that best serves the organization.
  1. Work closely with the CFO, Finance Director and VP of Development to plan and administer the annual campaign using accurate history and company profile information.
  1. Data entry/upload all campaign pledges and receipts.
  2. Maintain accurate database records and files for multiple campaigns, including names, addresses, and profile
  3. Assist in developing software strategies to ensure the integrity of the fundraising software system and assist our Development staff while managing multiple campaigns.
  4. Run reports quickly (data mines), upon request, to ensure our Development and Marketing staff have accurate and timely reports when necessary.
  5. At the beginning of campaign, review last campaign reporting with the VP of Development and develop good reporting strategies.
  6. Run weekly reports in a timely and accurate fashion to assure we are tracking toward goal and provide timely acknowledgements of gifts (thank you process).
  7. Provide customer service to donors, vendors, staff and volunteers.
  8. Operate and maintain accuracy, efficiency and integrity between different databases such as GOCUW and other UW for which we provide shared services.

B. Accounting Functions

  1.  Work with the CFO and Finance Director in providing updated   information and other reports
  2.  Prepare and send out donor statements
  3.  Prepare and send out Day of Caring invoices
  4.  Prepare and send out Sponsorship invoices
  5.  Prepare and enter campaign envelopes into the General Ledger   system
  6.  Prepare and send out annual donor tax receipts for all United   Way's

C. Software Issues

  1. To develop a clear understanding of all version and aspects of the software system
  2. To assist in developing policies about software usare that is clear and concise

D. United Way Worldwide Requirements

  1. Ensure that all UWW requirements are met by utilizing history and other data in the software system to prepare reports and records for UWW as needed
  2. To ensure that all finaicial records are accurate for UWW reporting purposes

II. Policy Planning

A. Work with the President and staff to identify and initiate appropriate software issues requiring policy actions and assure timely implemetation

B. Ensure that software reporting practices follow United Way Worldwide guidelines as directed by the CFO, President and Board of Directors

Job Relationships:

The scope of this position is relatively narrow, requiring the Data Entry Specialist to establish and maintain good working relationships with anyone who calls to talk about designations, pledges, campaign totals, as well as staff who need pertinent and timely information.  

Experience, Education, and Training Requirements:

Bachelor’s in accounting, data management or related field is preferable or an associate’s degree with 2+ years experience. Experience in computers, data entry, accounting practices, and Microsoft Office Suite is required.  Knowledge and experience in Andar/Donor databases and MIP would be helpful. Some knowledge of how non-profits work and an understanding of database concepts, especially as pertains to donor management or non-profit applications would be ideal.  A demonstrated ability to communicate using verbal or written skills is essential.  Experience working within a team environment, using teamwork to achieve goals is vital.