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Chief Executive Officer

Hartford, CT

Relocation expenses: Not paid

CEO/President/Executive Director
Full time
5 - 10 years of experience

Published on 20 Aug 2021

Expires on 20 Aug 2021

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Chief Executive Officer

About United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut

United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut is one of more than 1,100 autonomous United Ways in our nation and nearly 1,800 community- based United Ways in 45 countries and territories. We have the unique ability, vision and resources to bring together diverse stakeholders to create positive change and achieve long-lasting results for children and families. It is a Metro 1 A United Way with a population of approximately 1 million people in its service area.

Our Equity Statement

United Way’s mission is to bring together people and resources for the well-being of children and families, by meeting immediate needs and finding long-term solutions to challenges facing our community.

Structural racism has contributed to persistent disparities in our region. We recognize that centering race and ethnicity in United Way is critical to ending the historical and social inequities that continue to exist in central and northeastern Connecticut.

Current and future community leaders live in every town in our service area. We are committed to authentically engaging with them as partners, donors and volunteers. We can only eliminate disparities when everyone has the opportunity to create new solutions to challenges facing our region.

Our Mission

To engage and bring together people and resources committed to the well-being of children and families in our community.

Our Vision

A community where opportunities are available for every child to succeed in school and for every family to achieve financial security.

Our Values

In pursuing our mission, the following principles guide our relationships with stakeholders, including our donors, volunteers, partners, employees and the communities we serve: a belief that respect, equity, diversity and inclusiveness make us stronger; engaging others with professionalism and quality support; seeking creative and sustainable solutions to pressing social challenges; maintaining the highest standards of personal and organizational honesty in order to ensure stewardship of donors’ dollars; being proactive and responsive through consistent communication; and, delivery of high-quality services and effective measurement of results to ensure efficiency and innovation.


United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut is seeking a dynamic, mission-driven leader to serve as its President and CEO.

The President and CEO will be a highly visible face of the organization and will represent the organization in the business, donor, nonprofit, government and United Way communities. They will provide strategic and innovative leadership to guide the organization on its continued journey of growth, innovation and collective impact. They will be instrumental in helping United Way achievebits mission, vision and goals. A key aspect of the role will be building trust in United Way’s breadth of community presence, relationships and strategies for community impact, racial equity and revenue generation. They will collaborate with the Board of Directors, corporate and civic partners and community leaders in the active pursuit of resources to support the organization’s strategic plan. The President and CEO will also work to reinforce and proactively embrace United Way’s values of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. The CEO will lead the organization in driving those values throughout all partnerships. They will lead and attract a diverse team of high-performing leaders, staff and volunteers, in overseeing the organization’s impact, fundraising and digital technology strategies to best support the emerging needs of the communities United Way serves. The President and CEO will also be integral in recruiting a diverse Board of Directors, supporting them in their governance, fundraising and ambassador roles.

Keys for Success

  • Passion for addressing the longstanding root causes and institutional barriers to access, opportunity, and success for all;
  • Evaluate and implement organizational long and short-term plans and initiatives consistent with the strategic vision for United Way;
  • Serve as an agile leader who effectively navigates change;
  • Create a culture of accountability at all levels for achievement of strategic goals;
  • Champion diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging;
  • Bring a fair and thoughtful approach to consensus building. Foster collaboration both internally and with the community at large;
  • Increase both the visibility and influence of United Way across the communities it serves;
  • Build revenue and increase philanthropic support by actively leading diversification of fundraising initiatives among public and private resources;
  • Actively explore opportunities for shared services and partnership opportunities among Connecticut United Ways, maximizing the investment made in digital services, fiscal management capabilities and impact initiatives.
  • Demonstrate a high level of intellectual curiosity, and a desire to explore new ideas and innovative approaches to solving problems.

Passion for the Mission

The CEO will bring a sincere passion for United Way’s longstanding mission as well as an appreciation for recent momentum built to accelerate community impact. As the ultimate ambassador of United Way, the CEO will effectively address strategic challenges facing the organization and the community. With an unwavering commitment to racial equity, economically challenged households and the community as a whole, the CEO will understand how to leverage the strength of 52 communities in three counties to empower, educate, and connect communities and volunteers. This skilled leader proactively responds to challenges with a solutions- based approach, operating with the fundamental belief that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The CEO will passionately guide the evolution of the organization and continue to develop new opportunities to improve outcomes in the community. The CEO will further the mission of United Way and have a willingness to take calculated risks to achieve greater success. Moreover, the ideal candidate is an individual of unquestioned integrity, principles and values; someone who can be trusted without reservation.

Exceptional Relationship Builder

The CEO will build and maintain strong relationships with a diverse range of external partners, and a variety of constituents in Connecticut and nationwide. In addition, they will cultivate productive relationships with volunteers through an open and accepting environment. An excellent listener and persuasive communicator, the CEO will have the ability to build trust quickly, while fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership. They will be successful at engaging with United Way community and foundation partners, the media, governmental and legislative agencies, and corporations. They will develop new relationships with leaders in these sectors and expand existing ones. The CEO will work in close collaboration with the Board, United Way team, and community partners to effectively navigate political environments. The CEO will be an emotionally intelligent leader who has deep comfort connecting with people of different philosophies, backgrounds and cultures. The CEO will be a proactive and transparent communicator at all times.

Strategic and Transformational Leader
The CEO will be an impactful leader with a sense of urgency toward the advancement of United Way’s work of leading, empowering, and transforming communities. This leader will bring a natural ability and desire to build consensus with all constituents to execute a vision for the future of the organization. They will inspire the team and the organization’s constituents to push the organization forward to drive deep and sustainable change, fostering creative strategies, operationalizing them, and adapting, as needed, in a timely fasion. This servant leader will take personal responsibility and accountability for their role and actions, cultivating growth in self, colleagues and the community through succeeding and failing forward. They will foster development of individual abilities through coaching, mentoring and advising; challenging others to improve; and supporting staff for advancement. An inclusive leader, the CEO will be committed to embedding equity into the structures, culture, programs and processes that guide United Way internally as well as externally.

Skilled Fundraiser and Influencer
The CEO will work in close collaboration with the Board, staff, and partner organizations to further conversations around investment, value proposition and fund-raising in an ever-changing environment. This leader will think comprehensively about the public and private resources suitable to meet the needs of the organization with an emphasis on diversifying and increasing revenue outside of workplace giving, including growing leadership and major gifts from individuals, public and private grant funding and state and federal monies.This leader is also community-driven, being inclusive of the lived experience of residents, maintaining the organization’s financial stability and expanding its brand for being solution-oriented. The CEO will be exceptional at generating enthusiasm for the work, commitment to organizational objectives and driving collective impact. An effective storyteller, the CEO will exude an authentic, confident and humble spirit enabling them to represent United Way with a range of donors, including corporate leaders, foundations and the general public through public speaking, media engagements, and a digital media presence across all channels. They will also leverage existing relationships to drive new revenue opportunities including regional, state and national funders, mission-appropriate special events, and further productizing United Way’s impact priorities. 

An Inspirational Change Agent
The CEO will bring energy to inspire the team, the Board and the communities that United Way serves to achieve new heights for the organization. They will demonstrate courage, innovation and resiliency by embracing change and acting on new ideas. The CEO is responsible for the overall impact of United Way on the community, adapting strategies to achieve increased impact, including raising awareness to support emerging and existing challenges. They will effectively manage information and data resources in an integrated and strategic framework. They will integrate effective systems with innovative solutions that accelerate change. The CEO will motivate others to contribute to a shared purpose. They will lead with a clear vision and passion for systemic improvement.