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211 Bilingual Navigator

Chattanooga, TN

Relocation expenses: Paid

Full time
1 - 2 years of experience
Bachelor's Degree
$41,000 to $50,000 per year

Published on 15 Jun 2023

Expires on

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211 Bilingual Navigator

United Way of Greater Chattanooga is searching for a 211 Bilingual Navigator. This person will be a part of the 211 Community Resources department and will report to the Director of 211 and Community Resources.

Salary: $40,000 – 45,000

POSITION PURPOSE: This position is responsible for connecting individuals and families who contact the 211 Call Center through (phone, text, chat, e-mail, etc.) to agencies and programs for needed services, and for maintaining and updating the client and resource database on a regular basis. In addition, this position will be the (Navigator) entry point into the Generations Stronger program. They will administer the VI-SPDAT (Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool) to individuals and families that call 211 and are interested in Generations Stronger to determine risk and prioritization when providing assistances to homeless and at risk of homelessness persons.


Specific Duties:
1. Maintain accurate information regarding callers and referrals in the database.
2. Complete all applicable information on Call Point at all times.
3. Complete information regarding referrals and the amount of assistance needed if quantifiable.
4. Follow up with referral agencies and callers to determine if callers obtained or attempted to obtain services from them either through Service Point, calls or emails.
5. Maintain accurate and current information regarding agencies and programs listed in the database.
6. Provide weekly reporting regarding:
a. Unmet needs encountered for client support and service availability.
b. Unusual calls or situations encountered.
c. Problems with database or phone system.
d. Duplication of caller’s information in the database
e. Inaccuracies or errors in database
7. Provide regular reports regarding contacts made and follow-up calls for special programs as required by the program (e.g. Food Stamps, Power Share, EITC, Christmas Clearance, EPB Fan Program, etc.)
8. Represent 211 in the community as directed.
9. Meet with Director of 211 and subcommittees when requested to

10. Provide reports on identified needs and gaps in services.
11. Maintain and submit any other electronic or manual records as required to document services provided or that were unmet.
12. Other duties as assigned.

Specific Duties:
1. Provide professional, nonjudgmental communication with clients and agencies.
2. Use active listening skills to obtain all information necessary to make informed, accurate and successful referrals to agencies/programs in order to meet the caller's needs.
3. Search the database to find the most appropriate resources available to meet the
caller's needs
4. Obtain the caller's verbal consent to both enter the caller's information in the database and contact the agency or agencies on their behalf to let the agency know that they have been referred to the agency/program
5. Advocate for the caller, if necessary, by calling or emailing the agency/program to ensure that the resources are available when callers are referred if verbal consent has been granted
6. Make caller's aware that 2-1-1 or Generations Stronger representatives are likely to follow up with them to determine whether or not they received the services requested or provide them with additional information regarding help for meeting their needs
7. Maintain client confidentiality at all times unless communicating within 2-1-1 or with agencies with whom 2-1-1 has a business agreement regarding the confidential sharing of information or 2-1-1 and/or the agency has received verbal consent from caller or a specific ROI permitting such communication.
8. Follow procedures that discourage inappropriate uses of the available social services to insure the fair and equitable distribution of community resources.
9. Keep records of unmet needs and meet regularly with staff and the Generations Stronger Advisory Board to make them aware of needs and gaps in services.
10. Other duties as assigned.


Specific Duties:
1. Respond to contacts presented by 211 communication system within 30 seconds
2. Respond to both voicemail and emailed messages from or on behalf of consumers within 4 hours of receipt
3. Respond to requests for information from organizations within a reasonable time
a. 2 hours for emergency referral assistance
b. 24 hours for written information and non-emergency assistance
4. If follow up with a consumer is indicated, conduct that follow up within
a. 2 hours for immediate referral information
b. 4 hours for non-immediate referral information
c. 48 hours for special requests
d. 14 days for follow up on referrals that were made if selected for follow up or part of a special contract.
5. Provide courteous, friendly service to all consumers
a. Refer problem consumers to the director.
b. Never argue with a consumer
c. If a consumer becomes abusive either transfer the call to the director or inform the consumer that they need to call the director directly and terminate the call.
6. If the caller requests anonymity, respect their request. obtain necessary information.
In order to make a referral, such as zip code and name if possible. and provide the information as requested and indicate this in the Call Status and Notes section of Call Point.
7. Other Duties as assigned


Specific Duties:

• Will administer the VI-SPDAT with callers who show an interest and are eligible for the GENERATIONS STRONGER program.
• Will make referrals to the appropriate GENERATIONS STRONGER sites after administering the VI-SPDAT.
• Will participate in GENERATIONS STRONGER related meetings that work to improve the coordination of services of for GENERATIONS STRONGER participants.
• Will work jointly with the Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition to ensure that 211 is coordinating homeless services with the agencies that work with the homeless population.

• Will document all calls in Service Point and other related database systems.


Bachelor’s degree in a human services or social science or related field preferred but not required.

Minimum requirements: Ged/Diploma required with 3 years’ experience in customer services, social services, and/or a related field providing services to the community at large.

• Must be fluent in conversational Spanish
• Must be competent in data entry and Microsoft Office
• Must be able to enter data accurately with correct spelling, grammar, and format
• Must be able to read and understand complex program descriptions
• Must be able to actively listen and ensure one understands what is being said by the speaker
• Must write clearly and succinctly with correct grammar
• Must be able to communicate and enunciate clearly on the phone
• Must pass CIRS/CRS Certification within the allotted time based on educational attainment as specified by AIRS and maintain certification thereafter
• Prior experience in pressure situations or call/help centers a plus

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your cover letter and resume to .