United Way of Russia ES

United Way of Russia ES
14 Nizhnyaya Str., Bldg. 1, office 5
125040 Moscow Russia


United Way of Russia has been active in Russia since 1993.

The Fund supports charitable programs aimed to meet the social needs of the following sections of society:

  • children at risk
  • disabled (children and adults)
  • elderly people


To foster responsible philanthropy in Russia by working with and funding the best charities and providing a platform for socially responsible companies to invest back into the community.

Principles of work


The Fund is a permanent source of financing for efficient charitable organizations.

Expert approach

Organizations to be funded are selected on the basis of a thorough analysis of program activities and a financial audit. In the course of project implementation the Fund carries out regular checks of project related and financial activities of the supported charities.

Cooperation and support

Assistance is provided to the supported charities to help increase their professional level in various fields of activities.

Exposure and transparency

Charities receiving funding have to demonstrate financial transparency to the highest possible degree. In turn, we guarantee to the donors full adherence by the foundation to Russian legislature and provide full financial and activity reports.


The charity understands clearly its tasks and aims, and has all the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve them.


Address information

14 Nizhnyaya Str., Bldg. 1, office 5
125040 Moscow Russia